Saturday, March 15, 2008

UN Issues License to Kill (Jews)

Why is the United States still bankrolling a lion's share of the costs of this anachronistic anti-Semitic collection of Socialists? Why is my tax money paying for this scam? I can't wait until the day we have a Presidential candidate who has the guts to tie UN funding to its performance. I'll vote for that guy in a New York (or Geneva) second:
Stories such as this AP account flag the new UN report by special rapporteur John Dugard. Dugard's provides an appalling example of the role playled by the United Nations in disseminating the most virulent forms of contemporary anti-Semitism. The report essentially licenses terrorism against Israel. Dugard explains that there are two kinds of terrorism -- one "mindless" and the other killing Israelis in the name of "national liberation." The latter is "inevitable," according to Dugard.

Dugard's report arrived too late to be recognized properly in the State Department's report on global anti-Semitism, but Eye on the UN has posted a petition protesting Dugard's report.

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