Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Counselors ordered to argue for homosexuality

We read:

"A ruling by the American Counseling Association that members must not help homosexual clients change their sexual orientation is not sitting well with some in the professional organization who are seeking clarification to avoid "future legal actions."

The official policy of the ACA is that counselors asked by clients for help in changing their sexual orientation must offer only "gay affirmative" arguments. If the client persists, counselors must explore the "religious influences that underpin homophobia that may be harming the client."


Once again, no free speech for those who are critical of homosexuality.

TN: Bill Bans Homosexuality Preaching in Schools

A last-ditch attempt to turn back the tide:

"For one state lawmaker, it's a disturbing trend in public education: Tennessee middle school teachers attending seminars on how to teach about transgender people and a Massachusetts kindergarten class being taught about homosexuality.

State Rep. Stacey Campfield, a Knoxville Republican, has proposed legislation to forbid 'any instruction or materials discussing sexual orientation other than heterosexuality' in Tennessee elementary or middle schools.

'It's such a blatant attack on freedom of speech,' responded Marisa Richmond, president and lobbyist for the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition. Advocates for gay and transgender rights say they have noticed an alarming trend of their own: an assault on their lifestyle, which has required them to raise their profile in Tennessee politics"


But if Christian pastors were allowed to go into all classrooms and preach the Bible message that homosexuality is an abomination to God, that would not be entitled to free speech protections, of course.

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