Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ok, so I came up with my JC Watts theory even before Super Tuesday and shared it with some friends. Then I made it public last Friday in my post entitled, JC Watts for Vice President that I posted here and at my blog. Then Julie aka Mad Cow tipped me off to this Town hall article written by Matt Barber yesterday entitled, Vice President J.C. Watts? Here is an excerpt:
Speculation has already begun as to whom McCain might tap for his veep if he gets the nomination. I’ve heard some good names and some bad ones. There are many quality conservatives for McCain to choose from, but a name I haven’t heard mentioned is former Oklahoma congressman J.C. Watts.

Now, it’s quite possible the good congressman won’t appreciate my throwing his name out there at all, but it seems to me that, barring some major skeletons in his closet, J.C. Watts could bring a lot to the table.

He’s a rock-solid social and fiscal conservative and is pals with Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. If he were on the ticket, it might placate conservative heavy hitters just enough to call off the dogs.

He’s a former minister and is 100 percent pro-life, pro-family and pro-traditional marriage. This is a must for evangelical voters, who make up the preponderance of the GOP base.

Congressman Watts is young, vibrant, articulate and from the South (well, Southish). He’s a former Oklahoma Sooners football star and, I believe, would appeal to conservatives both young and old.

Oh yeah, and J.C. Watts is African-American. This might attract minorities whose values — especially on social issues — are more closely aligned with those of Watts than Clinton or Obama.

So, again, I’m not suggesting that J.C. Watts is the only potential running mate for McCain who might convince conservatives to poke his chad, or, for that matter, that any VP choice can.

But, since it’s the season for speculating about possible vice presidential candidates, I thought I’d go ahead and speculate.

Well, Matt Barber hadn't heard anyone mention JC Watts' name but thats because he doesn't read my blog, yet. Just remember, if this pans out that you heard it here first ;-)!!

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Anonymous said...

JC Watts is a tremendous choice. He would satisfy the side of the GOP that distrusts McCain's 'conservative values.'

Another rumored choice is Condi Rice. I guess the pundits have decided that McCain needs a black to balance his ticket. Looks like the old idea of geographical balance is dead. Now we have to have racial symmetry. Interesting dynamics in play this year.