Friday, June 01, 2007


The Brits have indicted the former Russian KGB agent Lugovoi - just as I predicted. Lugovoi is accusing the British government and MI5.

I knew this to be the case as soon as Lugovoi went to Moscow for treatment for Polonium poisoning.

If Lugovoi had been working with Litvinenko in a smuggling ring (for any purpose) then he would not have returned to Moscow - the place where they got the Polonium.

AJ STRATA of THE STRATA-SPHERE has argued from the start that Litivinenko died in an accident. Strata IMAGINED that Litivineko was smuggling Polonium for the Chechens with the aid of Berezhovsky who was financing it to build Chechens a nuke (or dirty bomb) to attack Russia.

I argued and then ridiculed Strata for this ridiculous scenario. (So bluntly he banned me from commenting at his blog!) After all, why would ANYONE smuggle Polonium out of Russia to the British ISLES in order to build a nuke to explode in Russia!?! (Why not make the bomb in Hamburg or within Russia!?) It makes no sense. ZERO. NONE.

Putin is the obvious culprit behind the plot because it fits his MO: he has ruthlessly dealt with all his adversaries - from stealing their BILLIONS to exiling them, to murdering them -- and there have been more than a few. The Polonium wouldn't have actually cost Putin a cent, either.

I think that Putin wanted both Litvinenko AND Berezhovsky killed. And the reason they used "expensive" Polonium was really because they were mostly targeting the billionaire Berezhovsky. YES: HE WAS PROBABLY THE MAIN TARGET. "Spending" several million to get a billion is sensible - for a murderous tyrant like Putin.

ALSO: If Lugovoi was part of the smuggling ring which Strata IMAGINES, then why would the Russian government and Putin's FM be defending him, and ATTACKING the UK (and spreading BIZARRE LIES)!? It makes no sense: ZERO; NONE.

The ONLY explanation which explains ALL the facts is this: PUTIN DID IT.

BOTTOM LINE: I think that the UNSC should set up a LITVINENKO TRIBUNAL just as they have for Hariri. And INDICT PUTIN.

(And someone please get AJ to stop being so ridiculous and come to his senses; his yarn is more ridiculous than the 9/11 tales of the "Truthers.")


Pastorius said...

As I've said before, it looks like you are right in this case. However, even if you are right, your scenario is almost as stupid as AJ Strata's.

The idea that someone would use a $30 million dollar hit of Polonium to kill a man is asinine. AND, the polonium took six weeks to kill him, as can be expected. People don't die quickly from radiation poisoning.

Here's a quote from Wikipedia:

"On the 23rd of November 2006 Alexander Litvinenko died due to suspected deliberate poisoning with polonium-210. His is the first case of confirmed death due to such a cause, although it is also known that there have been other cases of attempted assassination such as in the cases of KGB defector Nikolay Khokhlov and journalist Yuri Shchekochikhin where radioactive thallium was used. In addition, an incident occurred in 1990 at Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station where several employees acquired small doses of radiation due to the contamination of water in the office watercooler with tritium contaminated heavy water."

Why would anyone attempt to assassinate a person with a poison which has never killed anyone before, and has certainly never killed anyone quickly?

The truth is, their is a science to how much exposure to radiation the human body can endure. If one wanted to kill a person using Polonium, they would simply dose him with an amount which exceeded the level which causes sudden death.

Why did Putin not ensure that this would be the case? Was it too expensive for him? Was he trying to cut costs?

Litvinenko had six weeks to sing like a jaybird and tell the whole world about the evil Putin. If Putin really did do this, as it appears that he did, then he is not just evil, he is profoundly stupid.

Flanders Fields said...

I am not following this closely, but pose an alternate theory. All the characters were following instructions from Putin and the polonium was to be delivered to Russian friendly islamic extremists as a trigger device for a nuclear device to be used against the West. Accidental poisoning and discovery ensued. I have no basis for this other than the nature of the polonium and Putin.

Reliapundit said...


it was a botched attempt to get boris. alex was collateral.

simple enuf fer ya now?!??!

Pastorius said...

My point is only that it is pretty stupid to use Polonium to kill someone. And, since that is true, it is not stupid to doubt that a person would be so stupid as to use Polonium to kill a person.

Reliapundit said...


listen carefully:

1 - the polonium did NOT cost putin one penny; it was on his shelf.
2 - using something expensive but effective to get a major foe worth billions would be worth it to putin.
3 - lugovoi would not have gone back to moscow for treatment, AND GOTTEN TREATMENT if he was not on putin's team.
4 - putin has assassinated many other people, an throw many others in jail - including BILLIONAIRES.
5 - if the KGB thought they could get berezhovsky with polonium (and not a bullet or any other means) then it would NOT be stupid. perhaps by repeatedly exposing litvinenko they hoped to get berezhovsky. or perhaps they lugovoi was supposed to get them together but never managed to and so whacked litvineko to get him out of the way, and get closer to bnerezhovsky?

it makes ZERO sense to argue that berezhovsky would make a dirty bomb of russian materials (TO USE AGAINST RUSSIA) in britain - and not in russia or chechnya or germany, but ENGLAND -- A FREAKIN ISLAND.

it is idiotic to argue that he would want to attack the UK (on behalf of chechens) to get at putin.

nuff said.

aj strata : litvinenko :: truthers : 9/11.