Thursday, April 12, 2007


It looks to me very much as if I have become a victim of the bias against conservative sites at Google. In their addled thinking, anyone who is critical of Islam is guilty of "hate speech" and they have been known to wipe sites from their coverage because of that terrible offence. And I make no bones about being critical of Islam -- and of much else besides.

Google searches still do cover some of my articles but some that have been up for years and which were formerly covered seem to have vanished from the Google database. I have put in a request for them to index the whole of my most reliable site -- http://jonjayray.batcave.net -- so we will see what happens about that. Even aside from my own writings, I am constantly surprised by what Google DON'T cover -- even stuff on major conservative sites -- such as townhall.com. Sometimes I can find what I want only because I know my way around such sites -- with Google being no help at all.

Google is at the moment engaged in a collaboration with some major world libraries that aims to scan in and make available online all the world's printed books. Yet almost all of my non-blog writings are ALREADY archived online by the National Library of Australia in their "Pandora" archive (See here) but I have yet to see any link to anything in my Pandora archive on Google. And my 1974 printed book "Conservatism as Heresy" is already available in full online (See here) but only some chapters are accessible via Google. How odd if we have to wait for the completion of their book-scanning project for my book to become available via them when it has already been online elsewhere for years!

Meanwhile, live.com (the Microsoft search service) seem to cover everything I have online so once again I find reason to prefer them to Google. So I would again like to suggest to my readers that live.com seems to be a less biased search service -- and, as such, is more likely to yield what you are looking for.

Someone at Google will most probably read this post. They are quite good at recording what appears on blogspot blogs (they own blogspot) and they do seem to run checks on what is being said about them -- but it is most unlikely that they will be in any way influenced by what I have written. When you are a Leftist, you just KNOW what to do. Argument and reason are only for the peasants.

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