Thursday, April 12, 2007


"We believe these cases were a result of a tragic rush to accuse and failure to verify serious allegations. Based on these significant inconsistencies of evidence and the various accounts given by the accusing witness, we believe these three individuals are innocent of these charges."--Attorney General Roy Cooper

395 Days of Hell

The emotions this case has brought out in me are astounding. I am outraged at the injustice that was committed against these young men. I had tears in my eyes today as I watched their response to the charges being dropped. Dave Evans especially made me teary eyed. If you didn't watch any of it go here to see Dave Evans' compelling response. Here is an excerpt of what he had to say:
I hope these allegations don't come to define me. I hope that the way that I could be remembered is sticking up for my name, for my family and for my team against impossible odds. You can never tell what life is going to give you, what curve balls, but you can be judged on how you handled the situation that was brought to you.

My family and I can sleep at night knowing that I did everything I've always been told to do. I never lied, I went in and cooperated and I can walk with my head held high and sleep at night knowing that I could not have done anything else to prove my innocence.
Now that is what I call a man of character and integrity. I think his comments prove that he won't be defined by these allegations. Evans is exactly right. One of the biggest lessons I learned early in my Christian life was that you can't choose not to have trials or difficult times, they come to us all. The only thing that you get to choose is how you respond to them. Your response shows what type of character you have and what you're made of. Dave Evans is made of some pretty good stuff.

God Bless Attorney General Roy Cooper

It is unconscionable how this case was handled and the fact that charges were ever brought. In the beginning all we had were the accusations and so it was hard to know what to think. Yet, slowly it became very evident that Mike Nifong had some other agenda that didn't include justice. When I found out that neither Nifong or anyone from his office had ever interviewed the accuser I was incredulous. Add to that the despicable facts that the DNA from the 3 accused wasn't a match for any of the DNA found on her.

It is extremely difficult to go after prosecutors but I think many agree that the book should be thrown at Mike Nifong. No one can ever know someone else's motives but it seems rather apparent than in an effort to score political points with minorities he sold 3 innocent boys down the river. He drug their names and families through the mud when he had never even talked to the accuser and had evidence that exonerated them. There is absolutely no excuse for that. As this blogger points out, Where Do They Go to Get Their Reputations Back?

Shepard Smith's outrage parallels how many of us feel about this. Go here to see him in action.

Justice has finally been served, I'm just grieved that it took so long and cost such a high price.

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inge said...

I totally agree with you; I want to know where are these race baiters Sharpton, Jackson, Black Panthers etc.. who labeled these men 'guilty'?? Nifong (D)railroaded these guys only to get elected; a pattern that has emerged throughout the democratic party, and their leaders. Nothing is ethical about them. I can only hope that somebody goesto jail behind tis to make an example, such as it has been done with Imus. What a tragedy.