Saturday, April 21, 2007


If the 9/11 attacks had been the product of the KKK or the MAFIA or the WHITE ARYAN CHURCH or the BLACK PANTHER PARTY, then the US government would have utterly smashed them.

If the on-going terror attacks in Baghdad were perpetrated by a gang of non-ideological hoodlums, then we'da blown them to smithereens years ago.

But because the US government has been worried that using unrestrained military power against al Qaeda and its affiliates would antagonize (if not "militarize") the ONE BILLION Muslims on the sidelines, we have fought this world war with one hand behind our backs.

This has been a recipe for... well, for exactly what we've experienced in the GWOT since the overthrow of Saddam: years of ineffective, half-assed actions which have led half of our own population, (THE LEFT), to doubt we can win, and have led the enemy into thinking they can win.

Until we fight the war the way FDR and Truman fought WW2 - WITH NO HOLDS BARRED, we will remain in a situation which the Left, the enemy, and the MSM can successfully characterize virtual "quagmire".

We must take that one hand out from behind our backs, remove the gloves and fight with everything we got! Every weapon. Bar none.

And we must also diplomatically attack "the culture of jihadism" - by COMPLETELY shunning every nation which permits Islamo-misogyny, polygamy and endogamy. These three anti-humane practices create the conditions in the Muslim home which encourage young Muslim boys to become jihadists capable of genocide. HOW!? Well.... BOYS WHO GROW UP LEARNING IT'S OKAY TO MURDER THEIR SISTERS ARE OF COURSE GOING TO THINK IT'S OKAY TO COMMIT GENOCIDE AGAINST INFIDELS.

And "infidel" in this context means Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim of another sect, Bahai, Animist, or Atheist. IOW: Anyone who is not a jihadist. And that's more than one billion people. That's the rest of us: 5 billion of us. And it's time we demanded that our interests be put ahead of the one billion Muslims who are either jihadists, supporting jihadists, or silent on the issue.

1 - We should use bigger and much more terrible weapons than we have used to date - in Afghanistan, Waziristan, and Iraq.

2 - And we must utilize our enormous economic and diplomatic power to halt the culture of jihadism. We can do this simply: we withdraw ALL our support for the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO, UNICEF and UNESCO until any and all nations which permit misogyny, polygamy, and endogamy are shunned.

Is there anything to be gained by delaying? NO. The longer we wait, the longer we fight using our half-assed tactics, the more of our brave troops will die. And the stronger the enemy becomes.

And... I think we have to act before a Democrat - like Reid or Pelosi or Edwards or Hillary or Obama - is elected president. Then it will be to late.

HEY MR. PRESIDENT: It's now... or never.

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M. Simon said...

Truman fought a more limited ware with limited objectives in Korea.

It was probably the right decision.

We may not have to control all of Iraq to meet our objectives.

Still I favor "Bomb, bomb, Iran".