Friday, March 16, 2007


Well, let's see, the UK is under heavy threat from a certain source right now. What is that source called? Jeez, I can't seem to remember the name. I know it starts with an I, and I can see the picture of the leader in my mind's eye. You know the guy. That guy with the bomb in his turban.

What's that damned ideology again? Guess I'd better go to school in the UK, because they'll teach me all about Islam:
Have you ever wondered what our children are taught in our schools, well here is the DES requirements for every school in the UK regarding Islam, please note these are called "key stages" and as such are not optional, the child must be taught these stages, there is no opt out, now read on............

RE at key stages 1 and 2 (Year 5)

Unit 5B: How do Muslims express their beliefs through practices?

Section 1: Introducing the Qur'an
Objectives Children should learn:
  • the significance of the Qur'an for Muslims
Activities Outcomes Children:

* What special things do you treat with respect in your home or in your school?

Ask the children to think about items of great value, financial or sentimental; things that are fragile; things that are special to other people.

* Show the children a Qur'an stand. Discuss how it might be used and by whom.

Place a copy of the Qur'an on the stand and explain why it is so special. Discuss rituals associated with using the Qur'an. How do we treat things we respect? Where do we keep them? How would we feel if they were soiled or damaged? Ask the children to wash and dry their hands, and then discuss how they felt before and after they did so.

* Ask the children to design a leaflet explaining the purpose of Wudu.
* recognise that the name for God in Islam is Allah
* identify the Qur'an as the Muslim holy book
* explain the purpose of Wudu
Yep, you gotta admit it is important that little English schoolchildren should familiarize themselves with the ideology of their enemy. It's a good thing the British government is on the case and making sure their people know the truth and are protected from those who would kill them. A government like that really earns the respect and trust of its people.


Reliapundit said...

sad and effin shocking.

it's as if they were preparing the kids - NOT JUST FOR DHIMMITUDE - but to convert.

Pastorius said...

Si, Senor.