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U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the world body on Thursday to create a single agency to empower women and girls and fight for their rights.

In an address to mark International Women's Day, Ban said the 192-member United Nations should take the lead in the global battle with a fully funded new agency that combines the work currently done by three different U.N. bodies.

"Such a new body should be able to call on all of the U.N. system's resources in the work to empower women and realize gender equality worldwide," Ban said. "It should mobilize forces of change at the global level and inspire enhanced results at the country level."

A U.N. panel recommended in November that the U.N. Development Fund for Women, the U.N. Division for the Advancement of Women, and the Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues be combined into one ambitiously funded agency. The combined budgets of the three units is currently less than $80 million annually.

Ban said much more needed to be done in the fight for women's rights, particularly in combating violence against women and girls around the world, which is the theme for this year's International Women's Day.

"Most societies proscribe such violence -- yet the reality is that too often, it is tolerated under the fallacious cover of cultural practices and norms, within the walls of the home," Ban told a U.N. International Women's Day event in New York.

"Or it is used as a weapon in armed conflict, condoned through tacit silence and passivity by the state and the law enforcement community," said Ban, a former South Korean foreign minister who became secretary-general on January 1.

Ban also suggested that the U.N. General Assembly discuss the problem of violence against women and girls once a year and that the Security Council establish a formal monitoring of violence against women and girls.
I THINK THIS COULD BE HUGE - IF HANDLED AGGRESSIVELY. I have long argued that these practices are banned by the UN Declaration of UNIVERSAL Human Rights.(MORE HERE.)

And I have further argued that the misogynistic practices - (described here in an article by American feminist Phylis Chesler) - are truly at the very core of jihadoterror:
Any culture which tells its young men that it is okay to abuse and even kill female family members (as in "honor killings"), will concomitantly tells them that it is okay to commit genocide against non-family members who are infidels (whether they are in a hatred sect of Islam or Jews or Christians or Hindus or Buddhists or atheists.)

Phrased another way: If a man will kill his daughter for his family's honor, then he will certainly kill or condone the killing of infidels.

REPEAT: If a boy learns in his home that it is okay for his father to beat his mother (and his half-brother's mothers, too), and kill his sisters - his own flesh and blood, members of his own race and believers in his own creed, then OF COURSE he is going to think it's just fine'n dandy to commit terror against infidels.]

REPEAT AGAIN: As long as their children are raised to accept terror within their own family, they will use certainly terror to settle all their differences with non-Muslims. And they will certainly condone genocide against infidels.
I think this is at the very core of the inhumanity of jihadism and radical Islam. This - more than economic hopelessnes, or nativism - is jihadoterror's ROOT CAUSE.

The UN should take a very aggressive position against misogyny, and demand that all misogynistic practices end. And it should threaten expulsion from the UN, economic sanctions, and banishment from all multilateral organizations, (like UNESCO, UNICEF, the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank, etc), to any and all nations which do not end these practices.

Nations and so-called cultures which permit these practices should not reap any benefit from any contact with modern, Western Civilization.

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