Monday, February 12, 2007


Barack Hussein Obama Junior (aka "Barry Soetoro") was born to a white mother and a black father - (see photo at left). But now, he seems to consider himself more black than bi-racial. Does this insult his mother's heritage?

Barack Hussein Obama Junior (aka "Barry Soetoro") was born to Muslim parents - (his mother was a convert to Islam from Atheism - though her family were Christians) - and first educated in a Muslim school - though there is some evidence he's trying to hide that fact from the electorate. Now he is Christian. Doesn't this make him an apostate, guilty of a crime whose punishment is death according to Islam?

One of Barack Hussein Obama Junior's books is called DREAMS OF MY FATHER. I haven't read it. If you have, can you tell me if he deals with his father's religious background at all in this - his first book? The Amazon blurbs/reviews make me feel he doesn't. Here's an excerpt of one:
The premise of Dreams From My Father is so unrighteous that it's skewed: it's an homage to his Muslim father, but his father is unmasked as an exorbitantly dislikeable renegade!!!! His dad is culpable for abandoning Obama's white mother and him at an early age; fathering scores of children in Kenya; being a drunk and abusive husband/father when he was ostracized from the Kenyan government's favor; and dying practically penniless without leaving his family anything.

His father's ignominious memory begs the question why Obama would write a book expressing such yearning for his father and his African heritage, yet the answer is found in reverse racism. Obama doesn't consider himself mulatto; he militantly views himself 100% black. This is desecration considering the whites in his life--Grampa, Toots, his mother--took care of him!!!!
Barack Hussein Obama Junior (aka "Barry Soetoro") has chosen, it seems, to consider himself the race of his father, but now taken on the former religion of his mother. How do his cousins feel about this?

Barack Hussein Obama Junior (aka "Barry Soetoro") has children - two daughters, Malia (born 1999) and Sasha (born 2001). How would he feel if they converted to their grandfather's religion? Would he try to talk them out of it?

More on Barry Obama Junior's odd biography HERE, and it has plenty of links and more than a few odd, lingering questions, if not MYSTERIES.

WHAT IS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA JUNIOR HIDING? And where is his 1/2 sister Maya Soetero? Where is his mother? Given is very odd family background, shouldn't we learn more about them? (More than published HERE.)

Just asking.

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Eppsie said...

I don't understand why would so many people want to put into power a president that has childhood ties to the Moslem religion and has a Moslem name while we are at a worldwide war with Islam. They want to destroy us and we want to put into presedential office a man whose biological father and stepdad are Moslem. Nobody seems to agree with me that this seems a little odd, so I went to a search engine to look up his name and see if there was anyone in the country that agreed with me. I do follow politics and most of the people who I talk to that are going to vote for Obama for president, don't seem to know a whole lot about politics and the other group are Liberals upper middle class?