Friday, February 23, 2007


I have just written a long piece on the subject of inequality. It covers among other things, Darwin, Athletics, IQ, DNA, and Talent. I discuss it all, plus that all American Taboo - race, and I throw in the Jews for good measure.

It starts out with the the places where Blacks excel with a focus on athletics. Then White athletics gets a small plug. Then I show how Whites are disadvantaged compared to Ashkenazi Jews. Finally I go into Black problems and offer some possible solutions.

I tried to write it in a way such that blacks didn't feel picked on. In fact they are not picked on. Every population group has its talents based on the environment it evolved in. BTW if you are in to statistics I found a real nice bell curve calculator. There is a link. Inequality

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chumly said...

True. Us Polish people have the best jokes made about us. Except for the Irish, which I am also part of. Not so much German. My friends say I am a PIG, Polish, Irish and German. Born in America though.