Tuesday, February 20, 2007


She was 1 day before her 22 week mark and she only weighed 10 ounces but Amillia entered this world to stay. She is the youngest baby in the world to survive and she will leave the hospital today after being there for only 4 months.

She is a sweet, miracle baby and proof once again that pro-abortionists are running out of legs to stand on. They used to be able to get away with calling the baby a fetus or a blob of tissue that doesn't feel pain. Now with preemie babies surviving at younger and younger ages and 4-D sonograms their arguments ring hollow. Rick Santorum proved this years ago in his debate with Barbara Boxer.

Life is precious at any age and is of great value!!

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Fred Fry said...

I read this in a UK paper which forgot to mention that this child never would have survived in the UK, seeing that it would have only been ssen as a phaceholder occupying an intensive care unit space for 4 months.

Truly an amazing story.

A pregnant woman has a choice and every day she does not have an abortion she chooses to have the baby. At some point you have to stick with the decission made. 21 weeks is over 5 months into the pregnancy. By that point, the child deserves a chance, morso since it has now been proved that aborting at that time is killing someone who can live. What a selfish choice. Everyone should see the pictures of this baby.

Unknown said...

This story makes me wanna cry. My first prgnancy i went into premature labor, he was 21 weeks old and weighed 1,5lbs, the doctors did nothing to try and save him.. this took place at st. josephs hospital phoenix, az. It makes me angry to read these stories knowing that maybe with a little more effort my son would be here today, but i thank god for my beautiful baby girl Mia who is now 2

Trista said...

amira 14 oz 11 inches and ayden 9 oz 9 inches at exactly 22 weeks and the doctors told me there was nothing they could do that they were to little to put on ventalators and that i should just hold them and give them all my love. and to know that a baby youunger than my two survived and was given a chance really hurts. st. paul , minnesota