Saturday, January 13, 2007


Prior to the Six Day War in 1967, it was France which was Israel's primary military supplier, not the United States. In the War of Independence in 1948-49, it was arms smuggled from Czechoslovakia that enabled the Zionists to fight on. Most European nations, including some Soviet satellites, supported the partition resolution in the General Assembly in November 1947.

European nations supported Israel at the UN through the late 1960s and in some cases well beyond then. Clearly, some of this support in the post World War 2 period-was a reflection of European guilt over the murder of six million Jews in their midst from 1939 to 1945.

As Raul Hilberg has written, most Europeans and most European nations fell into one of two categories during the Holocaust: perpetrators, or bystanders. Few nations distinguished themselves (Denmark, Bulgaria, and maybe Italy, were better than average). Today 40 years later, that residue of sympathy for the plucky underdog nation of Israel has disappeared.
The article is an amazingly thorough description of how Europe became a pawn of the jihadoterrorists - RTWT.

But I think the article misses one key point: Europe abandoned Israel for many reasons - most of them listed in this thoughtful piece, but RB's article left out the key fact: Europe abandoned Israel right after Munich - itself an attack on the heels of many other Arafat led jihado-terror attacks against Europe. Like the Abu Nidal attack on Rome's airport. (BTW: he retired to Saddam's Baghdad!)

Europe's abandonment of Israel was a concerted act of cowardly appeasement in the face of concerted and well-planned acts of terror directed at them for that very reason: Arafat and the USSR knew the Europeans were manipulable cowards who would cave in. Remember: Arafat and his comrades were backed and trained by the USSR who continuously supported actively Arafat and his comrades. (Putin is playing a similar role with Iran and Syria.)

It is the cowardice of Europe - born in the ashes of WW1 when post modernism was born - which led them to appease Arafat rather than fight him. IOW: Post modernism is the key to understanding the cowardly paralysis within the West. A moral paralysis which pre-dates Israel, the Cold War and WW2. Remember: all of Europe appeased Hitler; then the continental nations of Europe eventually and really rather quickly surrendered to Hitler.

Appeasement is the preferred policy of post modernists because they believe that there is nothing in the West - the Judeo-Christian West - worth defending, let alone worth dying for.

As post modernists, they are moral and cultural relativists who see all international conflicts as conflicts between functionally, structurally and morally equivalent cultures. The only reason the West has had an edge over other cultures for the last two millennium - according to post modernists - is that we were more ruthless and had better armies and navies.

The post modernists believe that the West got rich by stealing from the poor Third World. Post modernists assert that the West perpetrated most of the genocide throughout history - a false claim, but one which animates their self-hared. And of course, the post modernists blame the "inhuman" industrialized West for polluting the entire Earth and causing global climate change which will - in their minds - destroy all life on Earth very VERY soon! And the post modernists assert that anyone who disagrees with these conclusions is an unsophisticated rube.

All this is BS. The prosperity of the West is due our liberty and industrialization. If the Third World wants more prosperity, then they need more liberty and industry. Third World poverty can never be eradicated by transferring money to them.

When USA tried to eliminate poverty by redistributing our wealth via welfare payments to the poor IT WAS CALLED THE "GREAT SOCIETY", AND IT FAILED MISERABLY.

It is stupid to repeat the mistakes of the past.

More welfare for Africa and the Third World will accomplish NOTHING.

Post modernism's faith in cultural relativism is why they overvalue the UN: since they do NOT believe in universal values, they believe that international intervention can only be politically and morally justified when there is international (cross-cultural) consensus. Pseudo-universality is a product of consensus-building to post modernists, because there are really no transcendent universal values for all humans everywhere. So post modernism and cultural relativism are the reasons why the UN and the West stood by and did nothing as genocide took place in Cambodia and Rwanda and so many other places - mostly in the Third World. [Aside: Contrary to post modern/Leftist BS, most of the genocide in human history has been within the Third World, and most of it occurred as post modernists refused to intervene. And most of the genocide within the West was perpetrated by Leftists!]

Another big mistake of the "sophisticated" European post modernists was their appeasement of Nazism. Appeasing Hitler did not work. Just as we had to confront and defeat Nazism and Communism, so to must we confront and defeat jihadism. We must defeat them utterly - until they surrender unconditionally. This will take a few - if not several decades. In a sense, it's a was that has already been fought for 1000 years. If we appease the enemy now in Iraq, or in the Philippines, or Thailand, or Afghanistan, Gaza and Lebanon - or anywhere else - then we will soon be fighting them all over Africa, Asia and Europe the way the French were fighting them during the Paris Intifada last summer.

And European intifadas are just the beginning. The colonizing Muslims will continue to agitate for sharia enclaves, and then they will try to take over the democratic institutions of Europe, (like al Sadr and Iran have - more or less - in for the last six months in Iraq.)

If Europe cannot support Israel in her fight - on that particular front in the GWOT/WW4 - then will she at least defend herself on her own turf? Or will she cave in as she did to Nazism?

I think that Europe will cave in... unless we FIRST defeat post modernism. To defeat the jihadist enemy abroad we must first defeat their Fifth Column of post modernists at home.


Pastorius said...

How do we defeat the postmodernists in Europe? Postmodernism can probably only be defeated by a rebirth of Christianity in Europe. Do you see that happening?

reliapundit said...

i don't see it that way.

we need to end the domination that post modernism has on the MSM there and in the academy there and in the bureaucracies.

we do that by adding conservatives and subtracting leftists.

it's a generational project.

what david horowitz is attempting to do here with the academic bill of rights (i think he alls it) is nedded over there, too.

once the stranglehold/monopoly of the post modern left is kaput, then people will return to faith in God - in the eternal and universal.

sure: getting people in church first can help -- especially young people ---- maybe it could prevent them from becoming brainwashed into post modernism.

so i guess the best thing is to operate on all levels: attacking the left in the msm and the academy and the bureaucracy and praying that churches do more outreach.

a key for the church there - in my opinion - is ending celibacy.

also: the church has got to never have any sex scandals again like they did here. it breeds atheism.

that's my opinion.

i have been disappointed by benedict so far. he;s been half-assed like bush.

sarkozy is trailing and it looks like that scheming corrupt islamdicksucking piece of shit chirac is going to stab him in the back.

so europe has a very tough road ahead.

the uk has NO EFFECTIVE conservative party.

i am feeling more and more sure that europe will be like turkey in my lifetime - the next 40 years.

as the ussr went from marxism to capitalism so to will europe go from western to muslim-dominated.

will it be a bloddless transition?

no. the transition to muslim domination has never been non-violent.

but isn't this what God told us. genesis says that God will treat gentiles based on how they treat Jews.

the uk was losing ww1 until they signed the balfour declaration. coincidence?

every civilization which attempted to annihilate the Jews has vanished from the face of the earth.

when the shah was alive iran was goods to jews and iran was prospering and more free than it is now.

spain was on top until they banished jews.

where are the pharoahs? thre greeks, the assyrians, the romans, the nazis.... and so on.

yet the EU is still too anti-Israel.

it's not based on a "reading": of genesis. all of history shows that going against Israel is bad. so... maybe islamicization of europe is how God will punish them? some argue this.

some argue it is all predestined.

i know not.

what i do know is that we must fight the evildoers. and defend our brothers and sisters everywhere from evil. gentiles and jews.

and this means we must do what we can to save europe from islamicization.