Friday, December 08, 2006


It seems like Tony Blair is starting to get it. Well, at least a bit:
Mr Blair urged the public to embrace multiculturalism People entering the UK must be prepared to be tolerant or not become part of British society, Tony Blair has said. In a speech at Downing Street, Mr Blair said that tolerance was "what makes Britain, Britain" and warned "we must be ready to defend this attitude".

The prime minister said: "So conform to it; or don't come here. We don't want the hate-mongers, whatever their race, religion or creed." He also defended multiculturalism, saying it should be celebrated.
I think he's still going to have to come to the point where he can make a distinction between multiculturalism and a British melting pot, but one has to credit him for making such a forceful statement. By the way, France's Nicolas Sarkozy seems to be coming to the same conclusion at the same time -"I Want An Islam Of France...":
France is multiple. France is diverse. Whether one likes it or not. The second religion of France is Islam. I want an Islam of France, I don't want an Islam in France. I demand therefore a Frenchification of Islam to make it compatible with the laws of the Republic." The last sentence is repeated 3 times and then the video displays these words: "Islam must be made compatible with France," Nicolas Sarkozy tells us.
Reliapundit adds: Okay, fine. Now, what will Sarkozy do if they refuse to be frenchified/Westernized? This is the real crux of the crisis. It is a crisis of confidence: Will France - and the West - summon up ALL the resolve and courage it will take to remain WESTERN, or will the France and the West crumble from attacks made on it by Islam - from without and within? The answer will come in the next few years... YES: The survival of the West will be determined in the next few years.


Pastorius said...


The people will demand that their leaders protect them. The demands have already begun, and they are being silenced. The demands will just continue to get louder though. Eventually, if the people are not listened to, their demands will take the form of street violence. This would be a disaster in the making because it would bring to the forefront the very real possibility that Europe could go fascist.

Europeans, particularly those in the North of Europe, do not like their culture to be challenged. For years, until just twenty years ago, the Swedes, the Dutch, etc. lived in an almost completely uniform society. A friend of mine lived in Sweden in the mid-eighties and he said the subway floor was so clear, you could eat off it.

When I asked how it was that no one would litter, his response was, no one ever does anything out of line there. There is the Swedish way, and it is enforced through massive social pressure to conform.

I can not believe that the same people he described, have simply lost their will to be Swedish in twenty years. I just don't believe that.

Reliapundit said...

they have. in a geneation.
sweden is dhimmi.
the postmodernists rasied all the kids and ran all the papaers and TV.

that's why it's an UPHILL battle.

i think they can win. but the next few will tell us if it will happen.

if they don;t rise up, the styen is right: it will be America Alone.

with Yisroel.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not convinced that Muslims can be multiculturalists, in any sense of the word. Islam is too strict to give any ground on the tenets of postmodern multiculti.