Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Teheran and Los Angeles have in common - it's more than Iranian Jews

Teheran and Los Angeles have lots more in common these days than large populations of Iranian Jews. They share a common educational goal: anti-Zionism.

In Teheran, Mahmoud Ahmadinadinnerjacket's 'education ministry' is looking to expand middle school students’ knowledge on the ‘acts of the Zionist regime and its malicious intentions.' Today, the ministry launched an 'educational seminar' in its middle schools aimed at familiarizing middle school Tehran students with Zionism.

Ahmed Sarush Najad, the head of the ministry’s Palestinian History Department, told the Mehr news agency that the seminars will focus on four main topics: Jerusalem and the Islamic world, Hezbullah’s 'victory' and its consequences for the Zionist regime; the Zionist regime’s 'weak spot' and the American lobby. I wonder if the 'American lobby' is the same as the 'Israel lobby.'

All male and female students enrolled in Tehran’s middle schools will participate in the seminar over the course of the next 28 days to mark Jerusalem Day, which is 'celebrated' each year on the last Friday Ramadan. During Jerusalem Day, marches are expected to be held in Iran and throughout the Muslim world as a sign of sympathy with the 'Palestinians.' This year most contributions collected during this day are expected to go to the rehabilitation of southern Lebanon.

And in Los Angeles, the United Teachers of Los Angeles, the union of those who educate public school students in one of American's largest cities, has been doing its part to bring Israel to its knees.

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