Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Can someone please explain this to me? 81% of American Jewry believe that the Arabs want to destroy the State of Israel rather than just get back territory - and yet 54% want to give them the 'Palestinian state' that is the tool for them to destroy Israel. They don't want a State of Israel?

57% back Israel taking military action to block Iran from obtaining nuclear arms, while 35% are opposed and the rest say they don't know. However, the numbers are practically reversed - 38% to 54% - when it comes to the United States acting by force against Iran. They're willing to fight against Iran down to the last Israeli?

56% feel Israel and her Arab neighbors will never be able "to settle their differences and live in peace," compared to 38% who disagreed. But 54% want a 'Palestinian state' anyway?

And unfortunately, 54% of those surveyed identified as Democrats rather than Republicans (15%). The rest were either Independents (29%) or not sure (3%).

I wonder what the survey would have said if they'd asked how many equate Judaism with 'liberalism.' I'm going to guess somewhere in the 55-64% range.


reliapundit said...

yup: there's a MAJOR disconnect, alright!

people just don't question their partisan ties.

and find it as hard to swithc to another party as chanmge religion.

david brooks has written about this.

i am STILL a registered demcorat, but have voted doe GOP candiates the last few elections.

one reason the ranks of INDEPENDENTS is swelluing is that people find it easier to ,make that kind of switch.

ALSO: most of the Jewish Americans are LEFTISTS - brainwashed as kids in red diaper baby camps singing cumbayah and the like. and this ideiloigy is CONSTANTLY reinforced by the NYTIMES/MSM.

it's tough to break free of the Leftist cult when your surrounded by this, and pressure from friends and family who look at you like you NUTS!

and of course, this is all the more reason we must BANG this point home over and over: "IT AIN'T YOUR PARENTS DEMOCRAT PARTY ANYMORE. THE MAJORITY OF DEMS ARE ANTI-ISRAEL."

bernie said...

My parents were both democrats. The city I live in is filled 90% with democrats. However, my brother and I were libertarians in the 60s a decade before there was a libertarian party.

American Jews are brilliant doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc, but are idiots when it comes to politics. A lot of this is the Holocaust syndrome and centuries of teachings about caring for the little guy and the underdog, probably because Jews were indeed underdogs for 2,000 years.

Witness the fact that Jews died fighting for the civil rights of blacks, of whom 80% are anti-semitic by recent surveys.

Jews should stop hopping willingly into the ovens and being doormats for the world. It's time to say screw affirmative action, screw liberals who want to destroy Israel, and for Jews to stop being defeatist, idiot cowards.

I've been in Israel and one can easily tell the difference between an ashkenazi coward and an Israeli sabra. It is American Jewry that forced Israel to fight a pansy war against Lebanon.

Actually there is not enough room in this space to fully explicate my loathing for my cowardly Jewish brethren. If they keep being democrats they will find themselves in Islamic ovens and deservedly so.

reliapundit said...