Saturday, October 28, 2006


Last year's "Intifada Francaise" afflicted much of France, but mostly spared Marseille (which has a large Muslim population) - and much was made of this.

Many claimed Marseille was, (for a bunch of reasons), more integrated, and that the fact that French-"African" Muslims in Marseille felt like a part of the city made them unlikely to ever riot the way "disenfranchised" Muslims were rioting all over the rest of France. NO MORE; ("Reuters"/WASPOST):
A woman in the southern city of Marseille suffered severe burns when vandals set fire to a bus she was traveling on, a police source said on Saturday. ... The police source said an unknown number of people forced their way on to the bus in Marseille at about 9.00 p.m. (1900 GMT) and set fire to it before a 26-year-old woman could escape. "The woman's life is in danger," the source said. Three other people needed treatment for smoke inhalation.
Perhaps the French Pundits - and other apologists for and appeasers of global jihad - should come up with another explanatory device, one other than "lack of adequate 'integration' and disenfranchisement". Perhaps it's time they admitted that the Muslims who riot have a PROACTIVE AGENDA, one which is above and beyond anything France - or the rest of the West - has done or has not done TO the Muslims.

Perhaps what the rioting Muslims are REALLY doing in France, is exactly what they're doing in Thailand and Sweden, in Iraq and in Afghanistan, in Turkey and Spain and Gaza and London (and in a thousand other places all over the globe): intimidate us until we turn into dhimmis and until they re-establish a tyrannical 12th Century Caliphate.

If they are torching buses in Marseille, then this means that appeasement and apologies and social outreach [like building memorials to islamothugs in Paris - an updated link] can't possibly work. The only effective counter-measure is force: The enemy must be utterly defeated - SMASHED, killed, incarcerated and made to accept unconditional defeat. As any enemy in any war. Half-measures only invite more attacks, and give the enemy time to make them worse. ... That's why the wise man says: FASTER PLEASE!

BTW/UPDATE: LGF is running a post on this now - as is NO PASARAN. Two GRRREAT blogs, but I mention it because on this story - as with so many others, (like the Solana story below), YOU READ IT HERE FIRST - AND WITH BETTER ANALYSIS/COMMENTARY! UPDATE #2: WELCOME READERS OF THE MODERATE VOICE.

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