Tuesday, October 24, 2006


In 1992, the Left-wing catch-phrase was "It's the economy, stupid!" and many have since believed that it was the Clinton campaign's "laser-like" focus on the "bad economy" which propelled them to victory. Well, this is bulls*it.

I voted for Clinton on 1992 (I am now sorry to say), but I did not do so because I thought the economy was bad; (IT WASN'T! The recession ended the last quarter of 1992:
While in historical terms the recession was mild and actually ended before the election, the resulting job loss (especially among middle managers not yet accustomed to white collar downsizing) fueled strong discontent with Bush, who was successfully portrayed as aloof, out of touch, and overly focused on foreign affairs.).
Nor did I vote Clinton because I thought that Clinton would "handle" the economy better than Bush. I voted for Clinton because I thought Bush had bailed out on Saddam and left the war unfinished, and I thought Clinton and Gore might be more hawkish.

I knew at the time that the economy was too big and the tools of the White House too small to make much of a difference in our economic situation. The only real power lay with the Fed Reserve, and even the Fed could not guarantee economic growth. (I'm in favor of low taxes based on political and moral priciples, not economic ones.)

So... (you ask), if it the economy wasn't bad, then ... WHY DID CLINTON WIN?! Well, FIRST, remember Clinton won both times because of Perot; and remember: Clinton NEVER won a majority of the electorate; he NEVER polled 50%. And SECOND: People FELT the economy was much worse than it really was. And people VOTED according to HOW THEY FELT. In other words: "IT'S VOTER DISAFFECTION, STUPID!"

So ... (you ask), "Why did the people feel the economy was bad in 1992?" Because... THE MSM REPORTED IT THAT WAY! (And then, they reported it was great as soon as BJ CLINTON TOOK OVER!

Well, the MSM is trying to pull the same crap today - and to make it worse... they are coupling biased economic "reporting" with good ol' fashioned vintage 1968 Tet Offensive "war-reporting", too: By relentlessly reporting that Iraq is an unwinnable quagmire inevitably descending into civil war, they have made most Americans think Iraq is just that.

DON'T FALL FOR IT! (1) The economy since 2001 is BETTER than it was during the Clinton years! And (2) we are winning the GWOT - in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world. Democracy is on the move! SURE: The enemy hasn't surrendered yet; they won't for a few decades! SO ....BUCK UP! Stop whining.

Of course, if you want to pay higher taxes and cede our national security to the UN and the EU, and give into the terrorists then by all means: VOTE DEMOCRAT!

More insight on MSM propaganda from the Captain.

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