Saturday, October 14, 2006

Leftist Imperialism: Ban For Boy With Two Snacks

One of the words the Left likes to throw around to criticize the Bush Administration is "imperialism." Imperialism is defined as:
"The policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies."
There is no one better at colonization than the Left. Only the Left starts by colonizing your life, your very freedom. Watch as the Left to make life perfect for us all, no matter what we think of it:
A boy aged 10 has been banned from his school dining hall because his packed lunch broke the government's healthy eating guidelines. The father of Ryan Stupples is protesting after his son was forced to eat in the headmaster's office at Lunsford primary school, Larkfield, Kent, because his lunch contained two snacks, instead of one.

Ryan's lunch consisted of a sandwich, fruit, fromage frais, cake, mini cheese biscuits and a bottle of water. The cake and the biscuits broke the snack limit. They were discovered when a teacher checked his lunch box. Michael Stupples, 41, said: "What 10-year-old boy won't get upset when he's out of a dining hall in front of everyone and made to eat his lunch in the head teacher's office?"

Malcolm Goddard, the headmaster, said: "We take healthy eating very seriously and everyone is aware of our new policies."
See? You damned well better know that they take healthy eating very seriously, and they have ways of making sure you eat healthy. More leftist colonization of your freedom:

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Always On Watch said...

The food police. The pronoun police. Ugh!