Tuesday, May 16, 2006


(1) Lefties in the USA wants to give amnesty to illegal Mexican immigrants.

(2) Lefties in Holland want MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali KICKED OUT (because she's an illegal immigrant).

What do these two positions have in common? HOW CAN THE LEFT SUPPORT BOTH POSITIONS? EASY. THEY HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON: Both positions undermine traditional culture. And, the Left supports any policy which undermines traditional/bourgeoise values and mores. As counter-culture radicals, the Left supports anything and anybody who attacks the core values of the West - even the jihadoterrorists (AS CHOMSKY PROVED ONCE AGAIN, RECENTLY, BY VISITING HIZBALLAH IN LEBANON).
Illegal immigrants who refuse to pay taxes - or to assimilate - undermine our culture and our economy - therefore the Left supports them.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali DEFENDS traditonal/bourgeoise culture and values and DEMOCRACY - and universal Human Rights, and she is therefore an enemy of the Left.
These twin positions of the Left, re-emphasizes a BIG THEME FOR ME LATELY: Before we can defeat the jihadoterrorists we must defeat the Left.

That's why exposing the Left's core belligerence to everything traditional, bourgeoise and Western is such an important thing. It's a way to undermine their attempt at seeming centrist and safe to the electorate. In fact, the Left is neither centrist or safe. The Left seeks to destroy traditional culture (Western Civilization) from within and it uses anything and everything to achieve that end: from undermining our war against jihadoterrorism, to supporting unlimited immigration, and gay marriage.

People who want to defend traditional culture and Western Civilization should remember who our real enemies are - and NOT get side-tracked or get sucked into issues which might elect a Left-wing dominated Congress this fall. A left-eing/Democrat victory would guarantee we lose WW4, and it would be a major set back Western Civilization.

It might already be too late for Europe. Demography and muticultrualism and socialism may have already doomed Europe to becoming a poor Islamic region where despots rule and women are victims of gang rape and honor killings - like the Middle East - except for Israel.

If the Left gets control of the federal government, the USA will fast become more like Europe: the Left will bloat our government, open our borders, and appease the jihadoterrorists and undermine traditonal values.

If you vote for Democrats this fall - or if you stay home and don't vote GOP, (because you're pissed off at GWB's spending or his immigration plan, or his half-assed defense of WW4) - then you are voting to become more like France and Spain.

I believe that Western Civilization is worth fighting for, and I think that voting GOP is one way we can all join that fight.

Those who say that Bush and the Congressional GOP have botched things and don't deserve support are forgetting who the alternatives are and what they stand for.

I believe that if the Left wins the next election here in the USA, then Ahmadinejad and Zarqawi and Binladen and Saddam and Kofi and Livingstone and Chavez will have won the war.


Anonymous said...

you are a moron

Anonymous said...

cue theme from "twilight zone"...

Reliapundit said...

you lefties from noribiz are cute: no facts, just attacks.
i dare you to FACTUALLY refute one of my claims.

i got the facts to bak them all up.

oh... and BTW: this moron has a master's degree from a top university. and used to be a leftie.