Sunday, May 21, 2006


Some see McCain as "The One" - as if it's his turn.
Some see him and Rudy as rivals.

Maybe that's why they'd be a great ticket?
OR: Either could run with Rice. AND WIN.

AND HEY: Don't discount Ridge - he was a VERY popular governor, he's a Vietnam vet, and he's from a KEY KEY KEY state which he could deliver. Ditto Jeb - on the bottom of ANY ticket.

I like George Allen. But rhetorically, he's a lot like W - and the electorate might be tired of that style.

I feel like if the GOP does as badly as the MSM claims (wishes) they will in 2006, that Cheney should resign and Bush should pick Rice to fill out the term.

This would position Rice to be on the ticket - with either McCain, Rudy or Allen - if she decides not to SEEK the presidential nomination.

It could also allow her to seek it, and end up on the ticket anyway. And if she sought it and won - (which is certainly NOT a given since she's got ZERO experience on the campign trail) - she could pick ANYBODY to be on the ticket and win. She could beat a Dem ticket of FDR/JFK and/or Clinton, (either one)!

Mitt is a wild card. Telegenic. GREAT rhetorical gifts. If this Mormon conservative can win in Massachusetts, then he can win ANYWHERE.

NEVERTHESS: MY MONEY would have to be on McCain - it's his to lose. If his cancer recurs, then he will lose. If he loses his temper, then he will lose. If he runs to the center-Left, then he will lose. He is more to the right on social issues than Rudy. They might spend the early months of the campaign ATTACKING each other --- which would open up the way for someone else. SO TONE WILL BE KEY. If McCain seeks to hurt Rudy by painting himas the social liberal, it could backfire.

Frankly, I thought Rudy's performance at the 2004 RNC Convention was SPECTACULAR - and so did several Lefties I watched it with. He's pugnacious, but he's got charm. He's got gravitas, and a sense of humor. And he's a plain-talker.

I think that Rudy is supremely confident in himself, so I doubt that any nasty fireworks willl be initiated by Rudy against McCain. Rusy can handle political defeat. But McCain might not be a gracious (his letter to Obama was red-hot and mean-spirited, albeit true, and funny). Anyhow, IF McCain is barely leading Rudy - and the others - in the weeks before the first primary, then I EXPECT the mercurial McCain to go ballistic. AND LOSE BIGTIME.

I hope we're all around to find out. And that the electorate - like most wise crowds - makes the right choice.


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Unknown said...

You forgot about Mitt Romney. His healthcare reforms in Mass. will give him a major advantage.