Thursday, February 23, 2006


I've been monitoring the MSM coveage of the Port Brouhaha, and they CONSTANTLY refer to it as a CRISIS because Bush approved, "transfer of control of six of our largest ports to a foreign country."

This is such a BIG LIE that there's really only one word for it: BULLSHIT.

Here' are the FACTS:

(1) According to DHS testimony at today's Senate Armed Services Committee Briefing, the six ports in question have 829 TERMINALS - each LEASED by the LOCAL Port Authority to PRIVATE COMPANIES.

(2) These private companies ALREADY INCLUDE FOREIGN COMPANIES.

(3) P&O leases 24 of these 829 terminals, and ONLY these TERMINALS will now come under the corporate control of a corporation in part owned by Dubai - which is inarguably one of our very best allies in the LONG WAR.

(4) Our PORT SECURITY has NOTHING/ZERO/ZILCH/NADA/BUPKUS to do with who off-loads/on-loads containers in the terminals in our ports, and stores them and lades them on trucks.

Ports are owned by the locatities (like the NY/NJ Port Authority) - and they stay owned by them. The US Coast Guard and DHS are in charge of security of these ports, and they stay in charge.

According to DHS, EVERY (as in 100%) container is screened before it is LOADED ON TO A SHIP HEADED HERE, and by the end of the year 80% of all containers will be checked for radiation and/or X-rayed.

This FORWARD-BASED security is what's essential to PREVENTING a terrorist from getting a container into our ports - and not checking cargo once it's in the port -THAT WOULD BE TOO LATE.

Dubai Port World ALREADY FULLY COOPERATES with this process.

The CFIUS Committeee was UNANIMOUS in determining that this transfer of leases (for only 24/829 terminals) from a British company to a holding company in part owned by our ALLY Dubai presents NO SECURITY CONCERNS. This was UNANIMOUS; the CIA and DNI, FBI and DIA AND EVERY SINGLE INTELL' ASSET IN EVERY DEPARTMENT - Treasury, State, and DOJ and DHS ALL AGREED.

THEREFORE: This brouhaha is either PURE BS or simple DEMOGUERY. Take your pick.

Bush is right. Hillary, Schumer and Michelle Malkin are totally WRONG

If the MSM got the FACTS out - instead of merely repeating the BS - REPEATING THE BIG LIE, over-and-over, then the public would quickly agree.

(MSM stories HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. Blog round-up HERE.)


Anonymous said...

I like to think of the port managers as travel agents for containers; they set up the travel schedule, routing, the position on the ship and the fees. As with a travel agent who sets up your itinerary, they don't show up at the gate and frisk you...the security people do that. As some one said, the negative talk about this is all BULL.
The Dem-no-crats are at it again, with a little help from the David Gregorys of the antique media.
Mike Benton

unaha-closp said...

Agree with you aside from point 3.

The sharia practicing islamic regime of the UAE is not inarguably on the side of freedom and democracy.


Reliapundit said...

uae is one of our best allies.
not pefect. not best allies in all regards. but they have been inavluable so far. since 9/11. you can't ask for much more.

their voluntary delay of the transfer provesit once again.

Jay.Mac said...

Didn't the CIA miss an opportunity to take out Bin Laden because he was with some top people (royal family) from the UAE?


Isn't that "slightly" worrying? Isn't the UAE also one of the major financial centres for terrorism too?

On the other hand there is evidence that all of the major politicians griping about the deal are receiving campaign contributions from the longshoremen union- the workers who will be affected by the deal.


Anonymous said...

You are right on the money with this phony dust-up. Donks did it to try to "prove" they were concerned about national security - which they're not. What is disheartening is how many conservatives fell for the scam and joined the howling. That's why Malking is still banging the drum, she's trapped.