Friday, February 03, 2006


WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE .... on the part of artists and writers!?

Has the WGA or PEN (or any other artists' or writers' organizations) voiced ANY support for the Denmark?

NOPE. They are as silent about this afront to freedom of expression as they were about the murder of Theo van Gogh. They SHOULD be as supportive to Denmark as the dozen or so European newspaper which have reprinted the cartoons in a fabulous display of solidarity with Denmark.

WHY IS THIS!? Because these organizations - like the MSM itself - are dominated by post-modern Leftists who hate the West and Amecia and Bush and believe that the West is simply reaping the seeds of imperialism, colonialism, Judeo-Christian-centrism and "American Cultural Hegemony."

NEED PROOF!? Well, it's been 3 days since the BLOGOSPHERE has proved that the entire protest was the result of LIES about PHONY cartoons spread by islamicist imams from Denmark, lies spread deliberately to inflame a backlash in Muslim Arabia. Yet the MSM has STILL not reported this.

Instead, the MSM is fanning the flames by continuing to portray this story as if the bad guys were the callous cartoonists and bellicose newspapers, instead of the intolerant Muslims. They ignore the fact that this is simply a freedom of expression issue.

These Leftist appeasers - who either appease by criticizing the newspapers which have run the cartoons, or who by silence approve of the threats to free speech of the Muslims - have NO principles except hatred for the West and America and Bush.

Writers and artists who fail to defend the cartoonists and their publishers are scum.

Writers and artists should also declare an "International Day of Anger" - AT THE ISLAMOFASCISTS. (Stories on Islamofascist anger HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.)

UPDATE: GATES OF VIENNA reports that FOX and CNN have finally reported on the matter.

STILL: Where's their outrage at the islamofascists would blackmail us into surrendering our free press!? Many in the MSM will go to jail rather than cooperate with a grand jury investigating leaks, but they won't say bupkus about those who would deny us our freedoms. GOOGLE will cooperate with the tyranny in China, but not cooperate with our own DoJ and not say BUPKUS about the islamothugs who would limit our freedoms.



Anonymous said...

Talk about getting it backwards.

Misquotes, lies, etc. ARE "freedom of expression". They should be dealt with by freedom loving people by quickly promoting their own views.

But even then the ideology is incorrect. You don't have a right to "freedom of expression" you've a right to property - your property firstly in your body and by extension to your earnings and any other items to which you've justly acquired title. You cannot express yourself anyway you want in a crowded theater ("yelling fire") because you would violate the contractual property rights between buyers and sellers.

Anonymous said...

These Leftist appeasers would have use ban these cartoons. Gee, that does sound like a very liberal idea to me.

Reliapundit said...

jim bradley;

our freedom to express ourselves is based on our freedom TO EXIST.

if you are not free to say what you want, then you are not free.

just as our property is an extension of our right to liver, so to isour right to say what we want.

the fire/theater BS is a tired old red herring.

Anonymous said...


freedom of expression is a right protected in the constitution of the United States.

The danish constitution specifically restricts the government from interfering with freedom of expression.

In both countries the courts can punish irresponsible or injurious speech.

Freedom of expression is more important than your right to property even if you have nothing intelligent to say!

Anonymous said...

I have been closely observing this mess since last september.

The cartoons were provocative and JP could have said "I'm sorry" much sooner. The prime minister of denmark could have met with the 11 muslim diplomats...coulda woulda shoulda...

The fact is this issue has snowballed out of control after the concerted efforts by some to rouse the rabble.

The reaction on the part of the muslim street is nothing short of the simplest form of racism: they are convicting a whole nation for the deeds of a few. (Does that mean all muslims accept responsibility for all the terrorist crimes committed in the name of their prophet?)

Now the muslims are demanding an apology from entities that did not do the deed. (In their culture it would be ok to give an apology without responsibility because lying and dissimulation is ok)

They need to accept the apologies that have been offered or they may choose to escalate the conflict...

.sreodlive eht yortsed lliw mehsah.

Alexandra said...

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