Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A religious leader of an Islamic group in Copenhagen - Abu Laban - has been CAUGHT speaking with two tongues:
In the Danish media he is quoted as saying he is against the widespread boycott of danish goods in the middle east.

An hour later on Al Jizeera TV he says that he thinks it is a great thing that the arab nations and people defend islam through the boycott.
I guess this is the Imam's idea of free speech! Heh. Actually, this is an old Arab Muslim trick which Arafat and Abbas used all the time. It plays upon the "willing suspense of disbelief" of Left-wing doves and appeasers. Smart people donlt fall for this trick becasue smart people know how to tell when these folks are lying. HOW?! THEY'RE LIPS ARE MOVING! (Badabumbump!)

Links to the Danish coverage of this "holy-man's" outting - (in DANISH) - HERE AND HERE.

MORE: (1) Here's a link to backgrounder from DER SPEIGEL (in English) which shows Abu Laban was one of the origianl instigators of the boycott from the start. (2) Here's a link to and ISLAM ONLINE article (in English) in which Abu Laban claims he was against the boycott.


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Anonymous said...

I don't like this guy. I particularly don't like anyone who lies and then denies that he lies. No sane person should ever believe anything Abu Laben ever says again. That's pretty simple. Why don't people remember it?
One more time: ABU LABEN IS A LIAR! Repeat: A LIAR!

Anonymous said...

Thanks GUS3...

I thought it was because they were afraid to shame themselves, or lacked the courage to speak unequivocably, that these religious leaders were avoided directly answering questions through rhetorical tricks, and tailored their message to the audience at hand...

I didn't realize it was part of their religion!?

weekbyweek said...

Very well spotted.

Anonymous said...

>>I didn't realize it was part of their religion!?

Of course, Quaran does not prohibit lying to non-muslims...

So... I consider that lie is just one of tools used to spread their religion. "Toolkit" is quite rich - terror is there as well.

yeshua7 said...

Yes it is part of their religon.
and the drawings of Muhammad has nothing to do with what is going in the arab world, the Sharia Law has everything to do with they have for a number of years been trying to impose the Sharai Law on us Danes but have been failing so fare so what does one do? Oh yeah start a boy-cott of Danish goods and voila here comes Sharia Law, what the muslims semse to have forgotten is that if we go down so will they and to bring Denmark to her knees so they can impose the Sharia Law on her citizen is a faul and dirty trick, but what can one expect froma religion that promot hate violent stoning beheading and GOD knows what else

Anonymous said...

This fellow has a history of trouble with the truth, as The Astute Blogger reported...

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