Sunday, February 05, 2006


... there have been enough similar episodes to make clear that self-censorship is at stake here:
the fatwa against Salman Rushdie,
the murder of Mr Rushdie's Japanese translator and his Norwegian editor,
the murder of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands in 2004,
the insistence on anonymity of all translators of the Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and so on.
Bill Clinton, the former US president, and German Muslim leaders have also likened the cartoons to historical anti-Semitism. But this is cant.

The worst threats and most unruly demonstrations did not object to any demeaning "message" in the cartoons.

They objected to the sacrilege of depicting Mohammed at all.

This is not a demand for respect or fair treatment. It is a demand that non-Muslims live by Muslim religious rules.
And the West simply will not accept that. Ever. We won't EVER be forced to become Muslim under penalty of death - the way MOST PEOPLES IN THE WORLD ACTUALLY BECAME MUSLIM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I feel certain that we would destroy Islam before we would accept that. Before we would even accept dhimmitude. Even if that meant that every so-called "moderate Muslim" nation had to fall into the hands of the fanatics along the way. So be it; they've been hostage to jihadoterrorism for too long, anyhow - to the point where we can't trust them... to the point where they side with the fanatics and aganst us as often as not. (Like Libya for instance - Kaddafy recalled his ambassador to Denmark. In return, we should bounce his untrustworthy ass back out in snactions-land.)

NOPE: we should draw the line here and now. If the fanatics thought this would make it LESS likely we would tighten the noose around Iran's and Syria's necks they're mistaken, This just steels our resolve. And when those regimes topple, then the fanatics - who organized the Cartoon Intifada as they did the Paris Intifada - will have no state sponsors, and they'll be completely isolated, in desperate need of funding, and much easier to wipe out.

REMEMBER: I been predicting all this since September of last year. I've repeatedly posted that the Iranians and the Syrians would try to get all hell to break loose in order to hold onto power. And I've said all along that they'd use their jihadoterrorists stooges: Hamas; Hizb'Allah; and Zarqawi. And they have. And sicne thinsg are gonna get hotter for Assad and the Mullahs, things are still gonna get worse before they get better. So... STAY TUNED!

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, some academics will see this as an "assertion" of the rights of the "oppressed", while Christian "fundies" complaining about negative portrayal of Christ will get slammed as censorship, or worse. Go figure!

Dude, I'm so depressed right now.