Thursday, January 12, 2006


Varifrank NAILS IT: THAT'S IT? ...
... Is this the "Big Bad Democrat Machine"? This is supposed to make me quake in my conservative right wing fanatic boots? Are you kidding me? It's like hearing Kerry is running for President again, you salivate for this sort of match. Ted Kennedy, Pat Leahy, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden, the Mt. Rushmore of modern liberalism.... ( no wonder their party is going into the dumpster faster than undercooked airline food). Why would anyone ever give a dime to support these frauds? Its not like they get anything for their money, These guys arent even "good TV". ... Every public display of pompus bloviation from Teddy is worth another electoral vote for the Republicans. Everytime Biden smiles, its another 100,000 votes for Republicans. Everytime Schumer looks over his glasses, another Generation X kid says 'whoa, dude. Youre harshing my mellow..."

I was worried about Miers getting through the dreaded "Democrat Gauntlet" but after this pitiful display I think one of the Bush twins could get in.
There's plenty more: RTWT. Also check out RIGHTWING NUTHOUSE on the hearings.

MY READ: I think the MAIN culprit is the Democrat Party Leadership, and their greed for campaign money: Teddy Jo Kennedy (who did after all hand-pick the last presidential nominee), Reid, Pelosi, Dean, AND Schumer (who is raising money for the Dem Senate campaign). This so called leadership is EXPLOITING the rabidness of their extreme left-wing (and allowing a good man like Alito to be slandered) JUST FOR THE MONEY. This isn't surprising: They SLANDER the POTUS and the US ARMED FORCES everyday – for the campign contributons it raises from their rabid base – so why WOULDN’T they slander a SCOTUS nominee. If they were REAL LEADERSHIP, then they'd behave like the ADULTS in the room, and not like child exploiters!

LOOKIT: I’ve been a registered Democrat since 1974. I voted Gore 2000, (but Bush 2004). And I am so so so SO SO disgusted with virtually every Democrat in Congress, (except for Lieberman, Harman, Hoyer and maybe a few others). IT'S SIMPLE: The Democrat Party is veering Left and becoming the party of doves again like in 1972. It's becoming a party of McGovernites trying to relive their glory days of Vietnam and Watergate. This is an act of blatant denial -denial of what the REAL lessons of the 1970's REALLY are, and what the world is REALLY like NOW. And this return to the failed policies of the past (blatantly clothed in the rhetoric of the past) is simply suicidal for the Democrat Party. And the leadership doesn't even know it. But if this is what the party has become, then GOOD RIDDANCE!

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