Wednesday, December 07, 2005


On Monday I posted an item about how the UN is undermining the trial of Saddam. (Based on reporting from the UK GUARDIAN.)

Today, the UN is undermining the upcoming election in Iraq! BBC:
The UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has dismissed a senior official who oversaw the supervision of elections in Afghanistan and Iraq. His spokesman said Carina Perelli, director of the UN election unit, had been given a letter sacking her. The secretary general's move follows a report by an outside consulting firm which said sexual innuendo was part of the fabric of her department. Ms Perelli is expected to appeal against the immediate dismissal. Mr Annan's spokesman said Ms Perelli had been dismissed because of misconduct including sexual harassment of staff and abuse of authority. Ms Perelli had been seen as a rising star in the UN and her elections department was widely praised by President George W Bush among others for organising elections in Afghanistan in Iraq.
U.S. Ambassador John Bolton on Monday criticized the timing of Secretary-General Kofi Annan's reported decision to fire the U.N.'s highly regarded electoral chief, just 10 days before critical elections in Iraq. "The U.N.'s role in previous elections has been quite helpful and important to the Iraqi people," Bolton said. "This is a major election ... leading up to the return of full sovereignty to Iraq and I don't think anybody should do things that disrupt that."
Kofi is doing something to disrupt that. WHY!? Well: Kofi and most of the other bribe-taking tyrant-asslicking scum at the UN are not anti-war; they're on the other side.

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