Saturday, December 10, 2005


Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has been sharply criticised for taking a top job in a Russian-led consortium building a gas pipeline. Mr Schroeder - who as chancellor negotiated the deal - will head the shareholders' committee, a position roughly comparable to board chairman. ... The 1,200km pipeline will run from the northern Russian town of Babayevo to the coast at Vyborg before going under the Baltic Sea to the town of Greifswald in north-eastern Germany. It is set to bypass Poland and Ukraine, prompting concern from both countries that they will be cut off from Russian gas supplies.
This is a deal between weaselly socialists. Just how RED is this deal!? WASH POST:
Gazprom is the world's largest natural gas concern and is controlled by the Russian government. Its chairman is Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, who until recently was Putin's chief of staff. The chief executive of the pipeline consortium is Matthias Warnig, a German who heads Dresdner Bank's arm in Russia and is a longtime friend of Putin's. The Wall Street Journal reported this year that Warnig was an officer in the Stasi, the East German secret police, and met Putin during the late 1980s when the Russian president was based in East Germany as a Soviet KGB officer.
This is just more proof that when you SCRATCH A RED, YOU FIND A CROOK. ALSO: It should surprise NOBODY that the anti-American socialist Schroeder should make a deal with the socialist Putin who has recently positioned Russia as a KEY ALLY of IRAN and SYRIA through missile deals and by supplying nuclear equipment and know-how to Iran.

AND OF COURSE: both socialists supported fellow socialist Saddam Hussein! And it is NO ACCIDENT that the pipeline is by-passing Poland and Ukraine - BOTH staunch USA supporters who are correctly very skeptical of German and Russian hegemony (after all, theiur nations were figuratively RAPED by BOTH Germany and Russia!). Schroeder is firmly in the pro-Russia/anti-America camp - and proved this again himself in this pipeline deal; NYTIMES:
Mr. Schröder championed the undersea route and, together with Mr. Putin, pushed the plan over the objections of Poland and Lithuania, which will lose the transit fees and access to gas. Now, through the Kremlin's majority ownership of Gazprom, Mr. Schröder will work for Mr. Putin as chairman of the Gazprom-controlled joint venture.
The CORRUPTION of the pipeline deal goes both ways - and all the way back to its timely inception; UK INDEPENDENT:
Schröder ... was accused of timing the announcement of his pipeline deal with Mr Putin to boost his chances in Germany's September general election...
For a variety of (what should now be) OBVIOUS reasons, Putin wanted Schroeder re-elected and they arranged the announcement of the deal PURELY to help Schroeder.

MY MAIN POINT: These euro-socialists are THE ENEMY as much as the islamofascists. And they are CROOKED.
We must be much MUCH more wary of them and much more tough in our dealings with them.

If Bush really followed through on his simple us-or-them formula - "you're either with us or you are with the enemy" - then we would be MUCH tougher on Russia. I wish he would be. And I wish Rice - who is a Russia expert - would lead the way. I'm VERY disappointed in both of them on this front.

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