Thursday, November 24, 2005


Five women from the same family in Pakistan's Punjab province have refused to be "united" with their prospective husbands as ordered by tribal elders. The village council has told them to "honour" 1996 childhood marriages, when the youngest of them was just five. ... The eldest of the girls is now 22. [Which means she was 12 when she was FORCED to get married.]

Two members of the girls' family were seriously injured when they were shot at, allegedly by members of the family of the prospective husbands. Police arrested nine members of the girls' family and seven from the rival one. ... police have charged 13 people in the same district in what they suspect is another case ...
I believe that the practice of forcing LITTLE CHILDREN TO MARRY - (very often to their own cousins because many MANY Muslims practice endogamous matrimony; MORE HERE and HERE and HERE) - in predominantly Muslim societies is a major reason why their male children grow up to be islamothugs and jihadoterorirsts: If you think it's okay to kill your sister or daughter in an honor killing, or the family of you wife to restore the honor of your own family, then OF COURSE ypou wil find it easy to murder infidels - or even commit genocide against them.

These brutal practices must be stopped. We have as much duty to make them stop as we had a duty to stop the slave trade. Just as no man can be allowed to be property to another man, so to must no woman be treated as marriage chattel. We should use the full force and fury of our nation - NAY CIVILIZATION! - to save these women - these abused sisters of ours - from these horrifying practices. Mutli-culturalism and cultural relativism are no excuse: NO human anywhere in any culture should be treated as these Muslim women are treated.

HOW CAN WE STOP THEM? By banning any nation that allows these practices from the UN, from the WTO, and from any and all trade and mutual defense treaties, AND by banning nations who trade with them.


Pastorius said...

There you go. I've been saying this on CUANAS since March 2004. Women are LITERALLY slaves under Islamic Law. And, as you said, we have a moral duty to do away with slavery. This is the best reason for us to be involved in the War on Terror. And yet, it is hardly ever mentioned.

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