Thursday, October 27, 2005


The miltary conflict between Israel and Syria, Hiz b'Allah and other jihadoterrorist groups sponsored by Iran and Syria (including Zarqawi's group) - which I have been predicting since September - is getting closer:

BBC: Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has vowed "wide-ranging and ceaseless" operations against Palestinian militants after the first suicide bombing in two months. Five Israelis died in an attack claimed by the militant Palestinian group Islamic Jihad in the northern Israeli town of Hadera on Wednesday. The group said it carried out the attack to avenge the killing of one of its leaders by Israel on Monday. As Mr Sharon spoke, Israeli forces were entering the West Bank town of Jenin.

I also predicted that as the rate of anti-Israeli attacks increase, attacks in Jordan will begin. WHY? Because, as Iran and Syria and al Qaeda get their backs pushed up against the wall, they are responding with ever more desperate measures; now they need to start a regional war in order to fend off the encroachment of democracy and liberty (in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon). Things will get worse before they get better. But we will win; the forces of liberty always have. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: BBC: Israel launches Gaza air strike -
Policeman seeks to keep order after Jabaliya attack Israel has carried out a missile attack on the Gaza Strip, killing seven Palestinians, a day after a suicide bombing in northern Israel. A leading member of Islamic Jihad and three other members of the militant group were among those killed. Hours later, Israel fired missiles into an area which the army said was used by militants to launch rockets. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had pledged action in response to the bomb in Hadera which killed five Israelis.
Things are heating up on all fronts. STAY TUNED...


Pastorius said...

I love your optimism. I've always thought we will win, but I expect things are going to get a lot worse, before they get better.

How much worse do you think things are going to get?

Reliapundit said...

the center of gravity is ... iraq.

if we kill zarqawi we can greatly diminish the attacks that front - and preclude jordan becoming a front.

failing that, i expect rate of attacks in jordan and israel to increase dramatically. the enemy hopes this will divert attention and assets. and that it will hurt abbas and sterengthem hamas and hizballah. this is happening NOW. israel is trying to preempt this. if israel succeed, then another front is neutralizez. if not, then another front erupts. the idf needs to assassinate many jihadoterrorists now.

also, the unsc needs to pass a resolution focusing blame on the regime and ounisdhing the regime. we need get russia to abstain. if this and a zarqawi kill happen before 11/7, then we can roll the enemy back and pout iran on the ropes.

the outside date for a rollback is the next election in iraq. we need to be in a better positon then than we are in now.

iran will try to interfere with the next iraqi election. by stepping up attacks. and the iraqis need to stop them. they might - by appealing to nationalism.

i expect things to get worse between now and when an anti-assad unscr is passed.

but we will survie and defeat them at every trun.