Friday, August 19, 2005

JURY AWARDS 229 MILLION TO "VIOXX WIDOW" - more tort reform anyone!?

Sheesh: 229 MILLION?!?!? This is outrageously weird and stupid anf outta control. Besides, no matter what the jury may FEEL, Merck did nothing wrong. Almost all medicine has side-effects.

MAYBE THE REAL PROBLEM IS THAT, NOW, MANY AMERICANS NOW SEEM TO WANT AND EXPECT MEDICINE WITHOUT ANY SIDE-EFFECTS - JUST AS MANY AMERICANS SEEM TO EXPECT A WAR WITHOUT CASUALTIES! Repeat: sheesh! This is an expression of insanely unrealistic expectations - expectations which are nothing short of "utopianistic" - which is a by-product of Leftist-thinking (so-called).

[The BBC reports the figure is a total of $254 MILLION!! There are 3800 lawsuits now pending against Merck on VIOXX.]


Anonymous said...

Vioxx health - Merck Earns Fall After Vioxx Withdrawal NEW YORK (Reuters) -

Merck Earns Fall After Vioxx Withdrawal
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Merck & Co. MRK.N on Thursday said first-quarter profit fell 15 percent following the withdrawal of its arthritis drug Vioxx last year. Link to original article
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