Saturday, August 27, 2005

FREEDOM VERSUS TYRANNY - shedding LIGHT on the War in Iraq...

The contrast between tyranny and freedom is not abstract. It is not cultural. It is REAL. R-E-A-L. Want to see it. Look at these satellite photos. they compare North Korea at night to South Korea at night. North Korea is dark. South Korea is lit up. WHY!? Freedom. South Korea is free, so it is LIT UP. Same people - north and south. The south had poorer resources in 1952 - and was poorer in GDP, too. But now it is richer. One of the richest ecomnonies in the world. WHY!? Freedom. The south of Korea is FREE. Freedom creates prosperity.

The difference betweem Vietnam today and what South Vietnam MIGHT have been - if the Lefties in the Democrat Party hadn't pulled the plug - is just as stark. If the Left hadn't pulled the plug on the South Vietnamese government in 1975, then the South of Vietnam would be as rich and as free as the South Korea. We might be driving SOUTH VIETNAMESE cars instead of South Korean cars!

Why do I bring this up!? Well, because many on the Left question whether we can IMPOSE freedom on any people or culture. As if some people or some type of people are "READY" for freedom and others are not.

Well, we did "impose" freeedom on the South Koreans, and IT WORKED. Just as it worked on the Japanese and the Germans. And in all those cases it required that we keep 50,000 troops in the theater FOR DECADES to accomplish it, and THAT wasn't questioned (just like our continued troop presence in Bosnia is never questioned). It was accepted that it was worth it. We had troops in German and Japan for 50 years. We only have troops in Iraq for 2. So let's take a DEEP BREATH. AHHHHH! Exhale. Good. We can do this.

Well, so, now - after only two years - keeping troops in Iraq IS questioned - all the time. Lefties - who dominate the MSM - ask: "when will we withdraw?"over-and-over-and-over again as if that was the be-all-end-all question, and as if WINNING mattered not.

Winning matters. Freedom matters. If you believe that all men and women were created equal, then you must believe that we - as the oldest and richest and strongest democacy on Earth - have a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters EVERYWHERE re-establish their innate FREEDOM. As we are doing in Iraq. Even if it means we will have to maintain SOME troop presence there for many years. As we did in europe and Asia. FDR believed that was okay. JFK did too.

This effort in Iraq will make the world FREER, and safer and richer. And that is good. People who oppose it are either misinformed or bad. Or maybe, they just want other people to stay in the DARK!


Jack Antilla said...

Yeah, If the plug hadn't been pulled on South Vietnam, we'd still probably be there, and the atrocities that took place there would have continued, like it or not that was a war we could not win, we were fighting an enemy that hid himself behind the lines and disguised himself as our allies to the point we couldn't tell friend from foe, and wound up massacring women and children.

And by oldest democracy in the world, do you mean first? Or lasting the longest? Because if I remember correctly ancient democracies lasted much longer.

And I do believe that all men are created equal, but I do not support overthrowing governments to impose freedom because it only makes a mess, I believe that if the people of those countries unfortunate enough to be lead by tyranny should over throw the government themselves. Then they will be strong enough to fend for themselves without the fall out of the tyranny.

reliapundit said...

Jack Antilla- you are either a moron or a dupe or both, and probably and an asshole to boot. Here's why:

1 - America is the oldest extant democracy, and the first true republican democracy EVER.

2a - We did NOT lose Vietnam - by any OBJECTIVE measure. By the time the Congress pulled th plug on the South Vietnamese we only has 50,000 troops there - a level we maintained in Germany and Japan and South Korea TO VERY GOOD EFFECT for both the FREE WORLD and the locals - (or would you rather that West Germnany - and the rest of Western Europe - had become part of the USSR as had East Germany?! - and would you rather that the South Koreans were living NOW as the North Koreans are: under tytanny and poverty so extreme that it they are STARVING -a poverty which is the direct RESULT of socialism in North Korea as it was in China BEFORE Teng Tsia Ping?!)?!?!?

Without USA involvement and mitlarty sacrifice 2 billion people would be living under tryanny today, instead of freedom and democracy. I think that's a good thing - that our miltary efforts were worth it. Apparently you do not.

2b - The North Vietnamese communist generals have themselves WRITTEN about how they were LOSING the war militarily and how their ONLY HOPE was to foment an anti-war movement in the USA (and the West) which would get the USA to pull the plug on the South.

Asshole appeasers and slandering anti-Americans like JOHN KERRY and Fonda and McGovern helped them accopmplish this; this was the Left's ONLY victory - it was a "PR" victory in the USA and the West which demonized the US involvement in South Vietnam.

DO I HAVE TO REMIND YOU that the collapse of the South Vietnamese government led DIRECTLY to 2 million REFUGEES fleeing communist TYRANNY - (the BOAT PEOPLE),and 500,000 Vietnamese put into concentration camps/"re-education centers", and to the fall of Camobodia to fellow MARXIST Pol Pot who committed genocide against 3 MILLION of his OWN PEOPLE!!?

That is what lays at the feet of the left-wing anti-Vietnam war movement. Totalistarianism and genocide. The Left enabled it, and then stood by and let it go down.

AND, let's not forget that since 1975, 65 MILLLION Vietnamese have lived under tyranny and poverty as a DIRECT result of the FACT that the Leftist dominated Democrat party in Congress pulled the plug on the South Vietnamese government.

3 - We did NOT lose any major battles in Vietnam. Even the TET OFFENSIVE was a total MILTARY loss for thre Vietcong (they admit this now!), but it was a defeat which the anti-war Left-wing dominated MSM SPUN into a USA defeat!

4 - The US casualty rate for Vietnam was LOWER than for Korea - or ANY previous war - YES: we lost 50,000 men, but that was OVER A TEN YEAR WAR!

5- The massacres in Vietnam you refer to (ones committed by the US or the SVA) were MOSTLY the lies and propagnda of anti-war Leftists like Kerry and Fonda and the like. I KNOW I WAS AROUND THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT AT THE TIME, AND MY PARENTS AND OLDER SIBLING WERE VERY VERY INVOLVED IN THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT! (I am just about 50!)

Apart from My Lai - a war crime which was prosecuted - there were virtually NO WAR CRIMES committed by the US military. The whole ENTIRE "Winter Soldier" effort was Leftist propaganda AND IT WAS ALL LIES. This FACT is well documented. You are a fool and a dupe to still believe that crap!
Kerry LIOED to the US Senate in 1971 when he asserted that war cromews were rampant. HE LIED AND DID THE BIDDING OF THE ENEMY!

6 - Overthrowing TYRANNIES and imposing DEMOCRACIES is EXACTLY what FDR and Truman and JFK all stood for. Read FDR's FOUR FREEDOM'S speech - you can GOOGLE it. It's a neocon's dream speech! As was JFK'S INAUGURAL. FDR and Truman and JFK - like REAGAN (who was a "FDR/Truman/JFK" Democrat before he switched parties when the Democrat party was taken over by leftists!) - all deeply believed that the USA had to defend freedom and expand it.

NOW, the leftists in the Democrat party - MY PARTY SINCE the early to mid 1970's! - have made the Democrat party into a bastion of pacifistic tryant coddling isolationst assholes. Like you.

Those unfortunate people who live under tyranny, whom you mention in your comment, CANNOT simply toss off tyrnany by themselves - not now, not anymore than Europe could do it alone in the last century, and not anywhere EVER; they ALL needed our help then, and they need OUR help NOW, too!

And REAL human rights advocates from the oldest richest and strongest democracy in the world have the RESPONSIBILTY to help.

Appeasing asshole isolationist leftists like you and BILL CLINTON and JIMMY CARTER stood by and did NOTHING as genocide was committed and as democracies were overthrown and as tyrnanny expanded its hold on the world.

REAGAN OPUT AND END TO THAT AND PEOPLE LIKE ME WILL NEVER EVER let p[eople like you EVER have control of the USA's national defense and thereby the defense of the Free World.

You and your fellow travellers amoral at best.

JACK: If you are earnest and open to the truth, I challenge you to GOOGLE the stuff I have asserted. You will find that the stuff you think is true about Vietnam - and Iraq - is nothing more than LIES AND PROPAGANDA of the Left.

Cindy Sheehan is to Iraq as John Kerry was to Vietnam: a lying leftist scumbab who has slandered the USA and who aids the enemy. In a word: they are TRAITORS.

Sheehan is not only a traitor to her country; she is a traitor to her son. Her son Casey RE-enlisted as an ADULT; he was 24 year old. He died a HERO, not a DUPE as she claims.

PLEAE RESEARCH THIS: it will open your eyes! You will find the experience VERY LIBERATING! Pun intended!


Fu2rman said...

About all I can say is, WOW.

After reading that, I think I need a cigarette.

OK, I can say a little more.

Seriously, this should be mandatory reading for every man woman and child in America.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

yes sir! ringht on the mark...
if carter wasn't such a wimp with the Iranian hostage crisis the situatio would be quite different - ans safer - in the persian gulf today...

that crisis of confidence was his crisis...

Jack Antilla said...

Who ever said I was a leftist? I’m a registered Independent dumbass.

I voted for bush in both elections.

I don't support any foreign entanglements because I support our founding Fathers views of us being an independent country, and besides foreign entanglements divide the country as it is now.

And you don't know what a traitor is, nor do you know what TRUE patriotism is.

A traitor is some one who commits the act of treason or in other words, aids the enemy in a time of war, as far as I can tell, neither John Kerry or Cindy Sheehan have given aid to the enemy. If John Kerry were a traitor he would've joined the Vietcong and sold American secrets to the North Vietnamese government. If Cindy Sheehan were a traitor, she'd be preaching the divinity of Osama bin laden or something of that nature, as far as I can tell she just wants troops out of Iraq, which is obviously a bad Idea in the shape the country is in with only a 300 or so Iraqi national guardsman trained to combat the insurgency.

And there’s a great quote I once read by Major General Carl Schurz in the speech he gave in February 29th 1872 "My Country Right or wrong; if right, to be kept right, and if wrong, to be set right."

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing, do some reasearch of The Roman Republic, that is the oldest and longest lasting republic. I reccomend Wikipedia.org, great site for reasearch.