Wednesday, July 13, 2005

TIME TO SHUT OR BOMB THOSE MADRASSAS - just like we did the Afghan terror-training camps

Here's why (as if we really needed ANOTHER reason!):

BBC: "The uncle of one of the suspected London suicide bombers said his family had been "left shattered" by the news. Bashir Ahmed, 65, said the family of Shehzad Tanweer, who recently studied religion in Pakistan, could not accept he was capable of the bombings. "It wasn't him. It must have been forces behind him," he said. Police are now focusing on finding those who masterminded the suspected suicide attacks that killed at least 52 people in London last Thursday."

Apparently - the unlce wants us to believe - the religious instruction his (previously fine)nephew received in Pakistan (probably at a madrassa) was the reason his nephew became a TERRORIST. Okay. If that is true, then I SAY: If they won't stop teaching and preaching hate and genocide in these madrassas in Pakistan (and everywhere else - including the disputed territories and Saudi Arabia) - and if they don't stop churning out suicidal/genocidal murdering maniacs - then we should bomb the madrassas to smithereens! It would be a defensive measure - like bombing V2 factories in WW2! IOW: Jihadist madrassas and mosques : GWOT :: V2 factories : WW2.

And it's time to freeze the bank accounts of ALL so-called Islamic Charities which give ANY money to ANY madrassa ANYWHERE- until they figure out how to police the madrassas themselves! IOW: NOT A SINGLE PENNY should be allowed to go to any madrassa - or mosque - which teaches or preaches genocidal hate.

That is: IF we are serious about defending ourselves and defeating the enmy, THEN we should crack down on the madrassas. BUT, if we don't mind being butchered by these evil thugs, then by all means: let's just keep fighting them as we are!

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