Monday, July 11, 2005



"I sometimes feel that Alfred E Newman is in charge in Washington," Clinton said, referring to the freckle-faced character in the satirical Mad magazine.She drew a laugh from the crowd when she described Bush's attitude toward tough issues with Newman's catchphrase: "What, me worry?"Clinton, who was speaking during the inaugural Aspen Ideas Festival, organised by the Aspen Institute nonpartisan thinktank, didn't mention the presidential election in 2008.
Let's examine this statement:

1 - Bush is WORRIED about the impending bankruptcy of Social Security (due to begin in 10-15 years becaseu of inevitable demographic changes). But the Democrats say there's NO PROBLEM.

Yet Hillary says Bush is like Mad Magazine's "WHAT ME WORRY?" Newman. I think Hellary and the Dems are more like Newman.

2 - Bush is worried about a potential WMD attack here, and therefore wants to take the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR to the terrorists backyard, and fight them with everything we've got; the Left thinks Bush is over-reacting, because terror is just a crime problem like narcotics trafficking.

Yet Hillary says Bush is like Mad Magazine's "WHAT ME WORRY?" Newman. I think Hillary and the Dems are more Like Newman.

3 - Bush was worried about the AIDS EPIDEMIC IN AFRICA - which was there when Hillary was 1st Lady and her husband, BJ Clinton DID BUPKUS ABOUT IT - so Bush increases aid to Africa 20x. (BTW: Bush also tripled the budget for USAID - over what Clinton's husband had allocated the preious 8 years - as soon as Bush took office in 2000.

Yet Hillary says Bush is like Mad Magazine's "WHAT ME WORRY?" Newman. I think she and the Dems are more like Newman.

YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK? I think with idiotic statements like Hillary's (and Howeird Dean's) the Democrat Party ought to very worried. If they aren't, it's because they've gone MAD!

ME: "Hillary, you're husband was a lying philandering do-nothing president - only the 2nd to EVER be impeached - who fiddled as al Qaeda ATTACKED us and the Wall Street Bubbles grew. What do you have to say for yourself"

HILLARY: "What, me worry?!"

I think the junior senator ought to change her name to Hillar E. Clinton.

[ASIDE: the ASPEN Institute is NOT a non-partisan thinktank, as the AP article alleges. The institute is run by Walter Isaacson a liberal who was in charge of CNN when they were PAYING OFF SADDAM AND DELIBERATELY NOT REPORTING THINGS WHICH WOULD HURT HIM. Isaacson and CNN and the Aspen Institute are SCUM!]


Kyle said...

the administration has made many mistakes, and the republicans prove that they are still the stupid party. But i still feel very confident in the future. because the Democrats have not figured out "You cant beat something with Nothing" Just look at who is leading them. Pelosi, Reid, Dean, and Hillary. Braindead, Braindead, insane, and Shrill.
I am just waiting for a good republican candidate to step forward with a positve, reform oriented message and I think ie will be in the bag for the GOP in '08.

Anonymous said...

Every time Republicans have a problem at hand, like Karl Rove committing treason, they will try to focus the attention on what Dems say and away form what Republicans do. They only care about power and to keep a hold on that power, even when that means to defend a traitor that outed a covert CIA agent. For Republicans the Party comes first, America last.