Monday, July 11, 2005


"Javier Solana has once again spent his energy criticizing a wall for damaging peace efforts while ignoring the reason why the wall has to be built in the first place:

European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana criticized Israel on Monday for a barrier it is building around Jerusalem, and the Palestinian prime minister said it made a farce of efforts to restart the peace process.
Capt' Ed continues:
Israel needs the wall in order to protect itself from the lunatics which the Palestinian Authority refuses to disarm. President Abbas has stated over and over again that he will not disarm Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or his own Fatah nutcases in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. As long as the PA refuses to control terrorists in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, then Israel needs to take whatever measures that assists in keeping its civilians alive. ... [If] Solana feels that a wall is the main hurdle to peace in the Middle East ... then the Islamists will have no trouble reconquering Andalusia and the rest of the Continent. Drawing a moral equivalence between building a security wall and deliberately blowing up women and children demonstrates a surrender of the sense of moral outrage necessary to identify between good and evil.

There're as many Jihadoterrorists murdering people in Kashmir, in India, in the Philipines, in Algeria, in Chechnya, in Central Asia; in Thailand, in Indonesia, or in Timor, as operate in the disputed territories. Over the last ten years they have murdered more people and destroyed more property in each of those countries than the Jihadoterrorists have in Israel and the disputed territories.

Therefore, to blame Israeli "occupation" of the disputed territories for the GWOT - or for any increase in recent activity of our enemy in the GWOT, (as many on the Left, many Euroweenies and many Arabs have done) - is effing absurd. To blame Israel is to fall into the trap of anti-Semitic Jihadist propaganda which has been aimed mostly at Europe and Arabia, and which was meant to exploit their predisposition for anti-Semitism.

Unlike the above counter-examples, the Jihadoterrorists have control of the "disputed territories - a feat they accomplished through a campaign of internecine terror which began only after Rabin and Peres mistakenly allowed Arafat to return as part of the failed Oslo Peace process. Arafat merely did in the disputed territories what he had done in Jordan and in Lebanon. It is NOT unlike what the Jihadoterorists did in Somalia, and Afghanistan and are trying to do in Iraq - and Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kasmir, AND SPAIN AND GREAT BRITAIN AND HIOLLAND - to name just a few places they are trying to take over by using terror.

The Israeli conflict with Palestinian Arabs is but one front in the GWOT, and it is far from the most contentitous or out-of-control, nor is it the most deadly.

It is long-passed time the chateratti of the Left, the Europeans, the MSM, and the so-called "moderate Arabs" stopped their Israel-bashing and gave Israel the same rights - and judged them by the same standards - as they do other nations in the GWOT.

Pressuring Israel to accept a Palestinian state - which refuses to disarm its Jihadoterrorists, (as the Roadmap demands they do) - is as absurd as demanding the Iraqi Interim Government cede al Anbar to Zarqawi or India cede Kashmir or Russia cede Chechnya or the Philipines cede the Moros.

Singling out the Israeli-Arab conflict plays right into the hands of the enemy. If you want to aid the enemy, then by all means: keep bashing Israel.

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