Saturday, June 04, 2005


Check out this post over at POWERLINE on Clinton attack dog Sid Blumenthal and the anti-constitutional and elitist Democrat filibustering of judicial nominees. The post includes parts on an email exchange bewtween POWERLINE and Sid Vicious.

I have also had an email correspondance with Sid - I emailed him after reading an article by him in the Guardian. The exchange was about Vietnam; he denies that the SVG fell because of the Dems in Congress abandoned them by cutting off all financing, and saw no similarity between that abandonment and the one called for by The Left in Iraq - as when they say we should withdraw AT ONCE or by a date certain/announced.

The exchange proved to me - once again - that either the folks still on The Left are still living in the past, or they're living in DENIAL.

I KNOW: I was a member of the anti-war Left in the 1970's, but steadily drifited rightward after becuase of things like McGovern's HUMONGOUS loss and Kael's famous comment, and the obvious and undeniable victories of Reagan on ALL fronts (against the USSR, and on taxes & the economy).

W is governing like Reagan: unafraid of the political attacks from the Left - here and in Europe, while courageously pursuing policies to defeat our enemies, and to empower individuals, and to restrain the power of the state. In additon, W has also done more to protect Life than Reagan.

The Left liked to believe that Clinton stood as a rebuke of Reaganism, but in fact, in 1992 Clinton RAN as a healthy repsonse to Reaganism: he ran as a moderate/centrist Democrat - he was for middle class TAX CUTS and for the death penalty and for welfare reform. (How he governed is another matter!)

W's election - and re-election - proves that Reaganism is in fact the dominant meme and that Clinton was an aberration or a phony who did nearly nothing of lasting import in his 8 years at the helm.

When the Left is forced to confront the fact that W is a successful president (the W is winning the GWOT and that the economy is growing, and that Clinton's numerous foreign policy failures - in Serbia, Rwanda. North Korea, against al Qaeda [there was ZERO effective respnse to the 1993 WTC attack or to Somalia or to the USS Cole, etc.] - and that W has steadily enlarged the GOP) the Left reverts to vicious name-calling and obstructionism.

Which GUARANTEES their continued demise.Thank God.

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