Sunday, March 20, 2005


May God Bless Jessica's soul, and soothe the grief of her family with the faith and knowledge that Jessica is in a better world, now.

Which raises the question: HOW DO WE MAKE OUR WORLD BETTER?

I KNOW HOW: By locking up convicted child molesters for life, (or by only releasing them after they have been PHYSICALLY CASTRATED and have had their ARMS CUT OFF; their choice).

Punishment and prisons supposedly exist to PROTECT society. If the current laws put our most precious and beautiful citizens - OUR CHILDREN - at risk of further harm then they are inadequate and must be changed!

I WISH that Americans would wake up and urge their representatives in state and federal legislatures to change the law and make child molestation punishable by LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE.

We can call it Jessica's Law. It will save lives. Of our children. What better thing for a law to do?

*******UPDATE: I've just set up another blog to collect names of people who favor making child molestation punishable by life in prison. Here's the LINK: JESSICA'S LAW. Go there, put "your name and town" in the comments section, and then send the page to your representatives. If we can get a few million visitors to this JESSICA'S LAW page , then maybe we can get this possible solution some more publicity and then have some positive impact on this issue. YUP: MAYBE THE BLOGOSPHERE CAN MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE ON THIS ISSUE.

It's up to you... Go to the JESSICA'S LAW page and then send the link to a few friends. You can make a difference; together WE CAN ALL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!


Pastorius said...

Hi Astute Blogger,

Thanks for linking to me. I had never checked out your site before. Only the post that Roger Simon had linked to. Good stuff.

I will also put you on my blogroll.

Thanks again.

Tom said...

The recidivism rate for child molesters is almost 100%.

They cannot be trusted to ever re-enter society normally.

RightWriter said...

It would be very interesting to ask those members of congress who are adamant about proceeding with the execution of Terri Schaivo if they support the death penalty for the individual who murdered Jessica Lunsford. I sincerely doubt the question will be phrased in this way, if it is asked at all.

Anonymous said...

I have almost 100 members on my message board at http://www.jennnawlins.proboards40.com and we are all working together to have Jessicas law passed in our states.

I am so sorry for your loss and I am sure everyone will agree with me that we are tired of naming new laws after child victims. LETS STAND TOGETHER TO GET THIS LAW PASSED IN EVERY STATE.........

Anonymous said...

While i agree that child molestation is a terrible crime, I believe that the punishment must fit the crime, and 25 years to life in prison for a first offense of child molestation is not a fitting punishment. 25 years to life in prison is the punishment for second degree murder I believe which is far harsher of a crime than child molestation. Emotions do not make for just law, and this is such a case.

Anonymous said...

I am astounded by all of the many pedophile sympathizers out there believing 25-life is not fitting a terrible, horrible, violent, sexually violent and permanently destructive crime. Every last one of us throughout society are affected -- emotionally AND financially (as a result of the LIFETIME CLINICAL SERVICES THEN NEEDED TO BE PAID FOR AS A RESULT OF THE PERMANENT EMOTIONAL DISABILITIES CAUSED BY THIS SPECIFIC CRIME.) The repercussions of this particular crime, preying upon the weakest amongst us -- is unforgivable! More than 25 years, there is the POSSIBILITY of life and as they rob a child of the quality of the rest of their natural lives by imposing violent sex crimes against the, so too is it JUST and APPROPRIATE to return the same, in kind. What would you do if the topic was one of the rape of our grandmothers? Would they deserve swift and sure death upon such a disgusting thing? A predator with an eye on our most helpless and vulnerable while you, PEDOPHILE SYMPATHIZER argue that punishments, such as these... are unreasonable? YOU ARE WHY THERE EXIST, GENERALLY. THE ENABLER. THE BLIND EYE. THE SYMPATHIZER. WHAT IS IT, TRULY, LAW MAKER??? YOUR OWN INCLINATION OR SECRET DESIRE TO SEXUALLY MOLEST CHILDREN? IS THIS WHY YOU MAINTAIN LIBERALLY DISGUSTING POSITIONS WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO LAYING THE LAW THAT MAY, INDEED DETER? WE, THE PEOPLE, PROTEST! KEEP YOUR VILLAGERS AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN!!!

Rick said...

I do not agree with Jessica's Law because of the many times men are accused of sexually molesting their children by vendictive wives and revengeful children. I have actual first-hand knowledge of this occurring in my family. also men in position of authority are easy targets of revenge. Judges should place sentences based on all the circumstances. I do not believe in being soft on people that prey on innocent children, but we must be careful in passing an "all or nothing" law. Maybe I don't fully understand Jessica's Law. Maybe the law only applies to obvious, violent child rapist. Please inform me if it does. Otherwise I oppose an "all or nothing" law.

TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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Anonymous said...

Jessica's Law is stupid. All it does is move the sex offenders out of the urban areas and into the suburbs and rural areas. To areas that have less cops and less supervision.

A poorly written proposal promoted by pinheads that haven't bothered to actually read the law and think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Here's what's wrong with "jessica's Law" laws. You have people like "Tom" who post stuff to blogs like this one saying, "The recidivism rate for child molesters is almost 100%.
They cannot be trusted to ever re-enter society normally."

First of all, this is nonsence. If you have enough people like Tom, running around spouting mis-information like that, writing to state legislators to express their concerns about a problem that is not really as big a problem as most people think, it gets the attention of the legislators, especially in an election year. No politician wants to be thought of as soft on crime, or more specifically, soft on sex offenders.

With that in mind, there are unintended consequences to bad public policy and poorly written laws. In the case of laws that prohibit any previously convicted sex offender who is required to register under that state's sex offender registration law, from living within a specified distance from any school or park or other public place where children may regular congregate, the end result is that people who have been doing their best to comply with registration laws and have not been re-offending, are now being forced out into the street. Having no place else to go, they end up moving to other juristictions without following up with the requirement to report where they live. It might surprise folks like Tom to know that some of these previously convicted sex offenders actually have jobs and lives that they have successfully rebuilt after their initial brush with the law that requires them to register as sex offenders. Remember, in all 50 states, this is a lifetime requirement. And no, the recidivism rate is nowhere near 100%. Maybe they did get some therapy and learned that it is wrong to objectify people and in particular, children, as sexual objects.

There is this hugely misinformed assumption that sex offenders hang out in schools and parks with the sole intention of molesting children. The reality is that your typical sex offender is the elephant in the living room. Uncle Fred can't seem to get a date but he sure likes your kids! The new youth paster at church is doing a great job! That coach is great with kids. Your kid needs a father figure. Sign him up with Big Brothers.

Do you get the point? We can all play "Fear Factor" and think that every convicted sex offender that happens to live in your neighborhood is a threat to your child. The truth is that you have more to fear from those who have not been caught yet or have been forced to move under the rader because of bad public policy.

There will be many constitutional challenges to these laws. Not all challenges will be immediately successful. It is up to judges who are influenced by politics to rule on consitutional issues. At the same time, the Constitution is still the law of the land and it should be respected, regardless of this current climate of fear. Article I, Section 9, paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution clearly states, "No bills of attainder or ex post facto laws shall be passed."

During WWII, Germany rounded up Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals. The Germans were not alone in this. In the US, Japanese and German-Americans were rounded up and forced into internment camps on the premise that there might be spies among them. Now we have those sex offenders among us that might harm our children. The only thing missing from current "Jessica's Law" legislation that specifically prohibits a class of people from living within a given distance from a school or park, is the actual creation of and funding for, internment camps for convicted sex offenders. Why stop there. Why not lock up the... fill in any group you fear...!


ex_sexoffender said...

well now you know Jessica own brother is in court accused of being a sex offender