Thursday, February 03, 2005

Leftist Surrealism

What is it about Leftsts that makes them so SURE that "Global Warming" is real, but that the demographic challenges that Social Security will necessarily face in the coming decades are not?

I think it's part of a pattern: The Left seems to be more afraid of phony threats than real ones - ALL THE TIME. They feared AsKKKroft more than Binladen. They feared Sharon more than Arafat. They feared Reagan more than Gorbachev.

Any more examples? Any theories?

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Spear Shaker said...

two theories: 1) it's a cliche, but Leftist's self-loathing leads to a huge chip on their shoulders, which they take out on those who they perceive as "winning" in our society - Republicans, White Males, Bush, Corporate types, "doers", religious types, etc., and 2) Leftists' personality types that romanticize the world, seeing other cultures as pure, unadulterated, and inherently noble, without sin. Only our society is corrupt and crass - foreign = virtue, and therefore unthreatening. . .