Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Commie Autocrat Gorby Criticizes Iraqi Elections

Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev called the Iraqi parliamentary elections a profanation. In an interview with the Interfax news agency, he said the elections are “very far from what true elections are. And even though I am a supporter of elections and of the transfer of power to the people of Iraq, these elections were fake.” “I don’t think these elections will be of any use. They may even have a negative impact on the country. Democracy cannot be imposed or strengthened with guns and tanks,” the agency quoted Gorbachev as saying. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it respected the results of Iraq’s elections. However, the statement said that it was important for the Iraqi people to acknowledge and accept the poll’s results. Russian President Vladimir Putin also welcomed the parliamentary elections in Iraq, calling it a “step in the right direction” and a “positive event”.

Gorby has about as much credibility on demcoracy as Putin! Utopianist totalitarians like him should shut up and get out of the way of the only AUTHENTIC REVOLUTION: the demcoracy revolution!


Gindy said...

I saw this to my great surprise. My first thoughts were what hell does he know?

RightWriter said...

How can you possibly criticize uncle Mikhail--the voice of reason and savior of the free world! Don't you remember 1986 (or 87) when every media principal and crackpot liberal in the U. S. was gathered in Washington to await the arrival of the only man with the courage and humanity necessary to stand in the way of Ron the button-pusher Reagan?
Right up to and through President Reagans funeral, media types and leftist pundits were recalling the priceless contribution to lasting world peace made by Gorbachev. And it was just as nonsensical and thoroughly untrue as it was almost two decades ago.

You're absolutely right--he has no credibility whatsoever. And leftist worship of the guy is just as annoying as ever.