Friday, January 14, 2005



Six Israeli security guards were killed and five wounded late Thursday night in a combined bombing and shooting attack at the Karni crossing point from the Gaza Strip, military sources said. Three Palestinian terrorists were reported killed. [...] The Aksa Martyrs Brigades, affiliated with Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah, claimed responsibility, as did Hamas and the umbrella Popular Resistance Committee. Fatah hailed "a martyrdom operation" at Karni, which is the main crossing point for goods transported to and from Gaza.

Now... will Abbas do more than condemn the attack - which his own "political party" hails!?!? Will he discipline his "party!?"

MORE IMPORTANTLY: will Abbas do anything concrete to punish the attackers and to prevent it from happening again!?!?! THIS IS THE TRUE TEST; THIS WILL REVEAL WHO ABBAS REALLY IS!

UPDATE (11:30AM): UPI / WASHTIMES - ABBAS COMMENTS - Gaza, Gaza, Jan. 14 -- Palestinian President-elect Mahmoud Abbas says recent violence between his people and Israel won't help the peace process move ahead. [...] "This Palestinian attack and what the Israeli army had done last week in Gaza killing nine Palestinians and all these mutual attacks would never help the peace process," Abbas said.

This is NOT a condemnation of the Karni attack; this is an artful dodge that merely states the obvious. Unless and until Abbas CONDEMNS all attacks against all Israeli targets, and unless and until he TAKES ACTIONS TO STOP SUCH ATTACKS there is NO repeat ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE THAT THERE WILL BE ANY BILATERAL DEAL. To have a bilateral; deal there has to be TWO sides ready to make a deal; obviously Abbas is NOT ready. He is a poseur a fraud and a terrorist. When he acts to end anti-Israeli attacks, then AND ONLY THE do we have a partner for peace.

IT'S REALLY SIMPLE: if Abbas won't police his people, then the IDF has to. The ball is in Abbas' side of the court. We're waiting...

More form "Reuters" HERE and al Jazeera HERE and the London Times HERE.

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