Saturday, January 08, 2005

2005-2007: the Cusp of a New Era

I guess this is sort of a New Years post. One based on reflecting where we've been in the last year or so, and where I think we're headed in the next year or so. I guess this is sort of my SOTW (state of the world!).

I have the feeling - because of Bush's boldness and resolve - we are on the cusp of a new era; already on the horizon (internationally): Afghanistan and Iraq and Palestine all democratic; Jihadoterrorism largely defeated and discredited; reform on the way in other Arab countries; and the UN reformed. And domestically, we probably will reform Social Security, taxes, torts, and immigration.

Potential progress on these fronts is huge, and - if realized - it would put the Bush presidency on a footing with few equals.

After these successes, Old Europe and the Old Media will come around.

A few huge problems remain: North Korea; Syria and Iran; and the African tyrannies.
I feel that Bush will confront these problems, too - and that, because of his imminent successes on the preceding fronts, he will be just as successful.

Of course, the enemy is NOT going to go down without a cunning and ruthless fight. They will counter-attack at every available moment, and attempt to rollback the progress. And, they'll counter-attack with greater and more terrible verocity the closer we get to victory - (remember: the Allies took more losses in the final 4 months of WW2 than in the preceding 4 years!). And, the enemy will counter-attack on many fronts, at our weakest spots - and when we least expect it. The enemy will attempt to distract us from victory on one front by drawing us into another front. (I expect Iran or North Korea to create a crisis just as we near victory in the Middle East.)

But, if we don't lose our resolve we'll win. Tyranny - (and the poverty and the ignorance and the hatred that tyranny foments) - will be replaced by democracy - (and the prosperity and the curiosity and the tolerance that democracy creates). The long hard painful march of humanity from tyranny to liberty has always been one-way. WHY?! Well, tyranny is so yesterday, and (as the wise man once said) yesterday has never defeated tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Excellant satire. The more we laugh at the stupidity of Bush and the world populace in general the better the chance of changing things. Or making them as mad as we are.