Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Today C-SPAN broadcast the House International Relations Committee hearing on state forced abortions, sterilization and infanticide in China.

China uses coercive practices to limit families to one child - like jail, forced labor in prison, forced unemployment, and exorbitant fines on families that have more than one child (an amount that's the equivalent of 8-10x's their annual income).

The result is that in some regions of China there are now 30% more males than females - because families forced to have only one child prefer a male child and use sonograms to abort female fetuses or infanticde to murder female babies. The unbalanced gender ratios which result foster other inhumane and regressive behaviors like sexual slavery, illegal trafficking in female humans, soaring rates of female suicide, and huge dowries - which treat females as chattel.

The Bush administration has pressured China on these human-rights issues, and has - for the last three years - barred U.S. funds for the U.N. Population Fund, because the UNFPA supports China's population planning programs which includes policies of coercive abortion.

IMHO, coercive abortion is nothing more than another form of genocide. Genocide in the name of economics.

Imagine if the NAZIS had - instead of using the death camps of the Holocaust - limited Jews to only one child and used forced abortions to guarantee that result; eventually the "Final Solution" would've succeeded; it would've taken longer, but had the same terrible effect.

We shouldn't be less horrified or outraged by this type of Chinese genocide - it's merely more insidious and invidious.

Chairman Chris Smith and Ranking Member Tom Lantos deserve our support.

For more information go here.

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