Sunday, November 21, 2004


Our enemy in WW4 is united. The fascist jihadis are comprised of national, international, and transnational elements who share global strategic aims and who are cooperating to achieve them. Their cooperation transcends their national, ethnic, and sectarian divisions.

AQ Khan’s clandestine Nuclear Arms Proliferation enterprise utilized non-Muslim nations (China and North Korea) and Muslim nations of each major sect (Pakistan is predominantly Sunni, while Iran is predominantly Shia) and it was financed and/or sold its wares to socialist and capitalist Muslim nations (Libya is a Baathist/socialist/militarist state, Saudi Arabia is capitalist and aristocratic state).

Their goal - to achieve nuclear parity with the West - makes them transcend their differences (only for the time being, perhaps).

The Jihadoterrorists are united, too: Zarqawi is Jordanian; UBL is Saudi; Zawahiri is Egyptian; al Sadr is an Iraqi Shia; Ansar al Islam largely Kurdish and Shia. Van Gogh was murdered by Moroccans; Atocha was detonated by Algerians; the USS Cole by Yeminis; Bali by Asians; 9/11 by mostly Saudis.
What did Saddam, al Qaeda and Al Jazeera Have In Common?
Haider Ajina sent us his translation of an article that appeared yesterday in the Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat. The headline was: "Al-Zarkawi’s right hand man 'Omar Hadid' was a personal body guard of Saddam Hussein and brother of the manager of Al-Jazeera in Baghdad. He also led the Terrorist fight in Felujah, and was trained in Afghanistan." Here is the text of the article:
Iraqi security investigators have revealed that Al-Zarkawi’s right hand man Omar Hadid was a member of Sadam Hussein’s personal body-guards unit. Omar Hadid later joined Al Qaeda and was trained in Al Qaeda’s Afghanistan camps. Omar is the brother of the manager of the Baghdad office of Al-Jazeera news channel, which was closed three month ago.


Why don’t they realize that their arguments – that Saddam was secular and wouldn’t have allied himself with al Qaeda, or that Iran is Shia and wouldn’t ally themselves with Libya, and so on – are false. Dangerously so.

LOOK: If we are going to defeat the enemy we must be united – MORE UNITED than we are now. Taming Iraq and pressuring Iran and Syria will take a much more concerted effort than we have heretofore seen. It’s now time the Old Europeans and the Left – and the moderate Muslim nations - buried the hatchet, and got on board. ALL THE WAY.

The SHARM EL SHEIK FORUM ON IRAQ'S FUTURE presents us with an opportunity to unite. Perhaps our last before any major new campaign is initiated by either side.

As reported in the BAHRAIN TIMES:

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahraion, Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, yesterday said that the Sharm El Sheikh forum to discuss Iraq’s future and pave the way for elections represented an unprecedented international convergence on the Iraqi issue. “The forum holds a special significance because all parties will take part, and more importantly, there will be an accord of the post-meeting process,” Shaikh Mohammed said.

Those attending the forum will include UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, EU foreign affairs chief Javier Solana, Arab League Secretary-General Amr Mussa and his counterpart from the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Abdelwahed Belkeziz.Outgoing US Secretary of State Colin Powell will make what is probably his last appearance at a conference on Iraq. Alongside Powell will be French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier, as well as his counterparts from Britain and Germany, Jack Straw and Joschka Fischer. The two-day conference will open tomorrow afternoon with a meeting of the foreign ministers of Iraq’s neighbours – Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Jordan, as well as host country Egypt. They will be joined on Tuesday by the Arab ‘troika’ comprising Tunisia, Bahrain and Algeria. The G8 nations (the US, Russia, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Britain and Italy) will also join on the second day.
(If we could get the Democrats to go, too... then we'd have a chance of straightening out all the nattering nabobs of negativism there at once! I guess Bush will have to deal with them separately!)
Update: two good articles. UPDATE #2: alQaida and the Chehchens are allies, too.


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