Thursday, November 25, 2004

al Arabia poll: 74% of Arabs favor Hamas to succeed Arafat

"A survey of the Arab world organized by the Al-Arabia network website after the death of Yasser Arafat, showed 73.72% want a Hamas representative to replace Arafat, ITIM reported. In contrast only 0.7% expect that one of the PLO leaders will take over. 25.58% were in favor of an independent candidate. 113, 107 participants from across the Arab world took part in the survey. The organizers of the survey explained that the Hamas movement and the Islamic Jihad organization stand for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the land of historic Palestine, a concept that the PLO gave up on when the Oslo discussions began. "

IOW: Arabs prefer Hamas - which has never accepted the state of Israel - or the two-state solution - and which wants to destroy Israel and replace it with a Muslim Arab state.

This poll reveals a few things: first, that the vast majority of Arabs still do not want the state of Israel to exist; second that those in the West who believe that Arafat's passing increased the likelihood for a settlement of the dispute and a two-state solution ARE FLAT OUT WRONG. Unless and until the genocidal Jihadoterrorists - like Hamas, Hizb'allah and IJ, and the rest - are DEFEATED and forced to accept the state of Israel, there will be no peace, no settlement, no two-state solution, and no "state of Palestine."

The Bush Doctrine is based on two things: transparency, and democracy within the Palestinian Authority, and their full efforts to stop the Jihadoterrorists. This poll reveals that the vast majority of Arabs do NOT want to stop terrorism - indeed, they want the Jihadoterrorists enshrined into office. Which means that a unilateral separation from Gaza - and then from almost all of the West Bank - is the only way for Israel to maintain security (albeit in a virtual/perpetual state of war with its neighbors) and remain a Jewish state. Polls in Israel reveal that 60% of Israelis expect this is the only realistic outcome - and accept it.


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