Friday, October 29, 2004

TODAY I VOTED FOR BUSH! Because I don't want to go back to square one in the GWOT - or back to Ground Zero

Yup. I voted today. Well yesterday; (it's after midnight... ALREADY!?). I voted by absentee ballot. I voted for a GOP candidate for only the second time in my life. The first time was when I voted for Rudy - when he ran for reelection. (I had to admit it by then: he'd been a great mayor. Since 9/11, I say a great man. Since his convention speech I say a great potential candidate for president!)
George Bush got my vote. Because he's a mensch. A man of deep moral convictions who has courageously weathered the attacks by our enemies, their fellow-travellers, and many of their well-meaning dupes. No president since Reagan has had to contend with so much animosity from the Left at home, or from or ungrateful allies in Old Europe. I thank God that Blair has been as steadfast in his support for Bush as Thatcher was for Reagan.
No president since FDR has had to deal with the same global military responsibilities. And Bush has had to do so with an entirely NEW foe, using entirely new and horrific tactics, in desperate parts of the world. Bush has shouldered these awesome responsibilities with audacity, courage and perserverence. When he says he will do whatever it takes to win - I believe him. I don't believe Kerry when he says he was at a World Series game in 1986 - let alone Cambodia or ANYTHING ELSE!
I'm proud I voted for the man. I think FDR and Truman and JFK would've voted for him, too. They accepted the fact that America is the indispensable nation which must lead the Free World, and which has a solemn duty to help our brothers and sisters EVERYWHERE live with all their INNATE Human Rights.
As the oldest, richest and most militarily strong nation in the world it is simply our duty. One we have always fulfilled with honor.
That's what FDR spoke about in his Four Freedoms speech - which I imagine could have been delivered by Bush YESTERDAY, (but which I could NEVER imagine coming out of Kerry's mouth!). HECK: even Eleanor would've voted for Bush; she believed that all human's everywhere deserve their innate Human Rights, too.
We mustn't let the terrorists take them away from us, or let them deny self-determination for Afghansistan and Iraq. BUSH WON'T LET THEM.
But if the people who fear AshKKroft more than UBL take over... what then?
How many more attacks ALL OVER THE WORLD must occur before they agree this is a REAL war!? That it's NOT a euphemism (as Kerry advisor Holbrooke said a just a few days ago!). How much more must we - or or allies - suffer before everyone accepts that this is indeed WAR!?
If Bush wins I know we will not miss a beat in the GWOT. If Kerry wins... I think we go back to 9/10, back to square one, in effect... or is that back to Ground Zero?

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