Saturday, October 30, 2004


This presidential campaign has had EVERYTHING to do with FEAR. Because a large chunk of BOTH campaigns has revolved around a discussion of the things we should be afraid of, and how we should deal with them.
Kerry and his minions on the Left has tried and tried and tried to make people afraid by saying over and over and over that Bush will: restart the draft; cut and then privatize social security; ban all abortions; take away your right to free speech; wage an endless war; expand the nuclear arms race and proliferation; put Muslims in concentration camps; and establish a state religion. And oh yeah.,.. That terrorism thing: we’ll defeat them ONLY after we get the Germans and the French and the UN to send their vaunted troops in to replace ours; and the only terrorists we need to worry about are those controlled by OBL - we do not need to deal with the state that sponsor or harbor terrorists, or who might sell them WMD.
Bush tells us the only thing we need to fear is appeasing the Jihadoterrorists - terrorists who have murdered: +150,000 Algerians; 1,500,000 Sudanese, 1,000's of Nigerians; 1,000's of Israelis, 1,000's of Indians; 1,000's of Afghanis; 1,000's of Pakistanis; 1000's Russians; 1,000's of Filipinos; 1,000's of Iranians; and over 3,000 Americans on 9/11.
So... What’s the difference between these two candidate’s campaigns - aren’t they the same - aren’t they like all politicians: running on fear?
NO. The things Kerry wanyts you to fear are PHANTOMS. Fantasies of the Left. The Jihadoterrorists are very real.
Just look and listen to the two videotapes that just came out - from Azzam al Amriki and OBL - these are real Jihadoterrorists, and their real minions want to reestablish the Caliphate and will kill anyone who gets in their way - even other Muslims (in fact: to date, MOST of their victims have been Muslims, followed by Hindus, and then Christians, and then Jews).
Because Kerry would rather you fear Phantoms than real Jihadoterroris, Kerry is nothing more a two-bit demagogue unfit to become CinC.
But it’s worse: Because not only does Kerry say that we should vote for him because we should fear his Phantoms more than Jihadoterrorism, he claims that HIS strategy for fighting alQaeda is better than Bush’s. But his over-valuation of multi-lateralism (treating it as an end in itself, rather than as a preferred means to other ends) and his lifetime record of anti-defense spending and of advocating accommodation with tyrants (the USSR, Castro, the Sandinistas, Saddam) and of advocating unilateral disarmament (as when he advocated the Nuclear Freeze in the 1980's and opposed Reagan’s defense build-up, and when he said during the 3rd debate that he would unilaterally stop the RESEARCH we are currently doing to convert some of our nuclear missiles into bunker-busting missiles which would only detonates after penetrating hundreds of feet underground - ion order to be able to destroy hidden WMD labs and depots in North Korea or anywhere else).
This proves that Kerry could not be any more wrong for the Oval Office - especially in a time of war.
A REAL war - one that is NOT a euphemism, as Holbrooke (Kerry’s chief foreign policy advisor) recently said.

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