Thursday, September 30, 2004

KERRY: "Passing the Global Test" = Passing the Buck!

Kerry said he would NOT act preemptively UNLESS the action "passed the global test."

Bush RIGHTLY smacked him down, stating that the POTUS must act in the USA interest, and NOT in the interest of the UN the EU or any other international entity.

Kerry's statement clearly exposed him as a man who would put multilateralism ABOVE and AHEAD of America's national security.

Remember - as the sign on President TRUMAN's oval office desk said: "THE BUCK STOPS HERE!"

The buck doesn't stop in Turtle Bay,
and not on the Champs Elysee,
and not under "Treblinka Square"
(wherever the heck THAT REALLY is! I GOOGLED it and came up with ZIPPO!).


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