Saturday, February 19, 2011

Muslim-World Unrest Spreading To Albania?

Albania is almost 80% Muslim. Now tens of thousands of people are in the street calling for the government to resign:
Albania - Tens of thousands hold new protest in Albania seeking government's resignation

TIRANA, Albania — Tens of thousands of Albanian opposition supporters marched through the capital Friday to demand that the government resigns over corruption allegations, almost a month after four people died when a similar demonstration turned violent.

Hundreds of police were guarding the main government building in Tirana, where dozens of protesters and police were injured in the Jan 21 riot.

The opposition Socialists are demanding that conservative Prime Minister Sali Berisha hold early elections over allegations of corruption and vote rigging in the 2009 general election.

Shouting "Sali go," and "Prime Minister you are a murderer," as loudspeakers played sombre music, protesters filled Tirana's main boulevard. Opposition officials claimed some 200,000 people took part in the demonstration. Police did not provide an estimate.
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In Egypt, this unrest has led to a situation where the Muslim Brotherhood is ascendant in the power vacuum left behind in the wake of Moubarek's resignation. Qaradawi, the Khomeini of Egypt, the "Father Figure" of the Muslim Brotherhood, spoke in Tahrir Square yesterday after having been a political exile from Egypt for 40 years.

If the Jihadists did not plan and cause the toppling of Egypt, they are certainly the winners in the aftermath.

And, as we have seen, the unrest has spread through Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Algeria, Yemen and Djibouti.

And now, we see this "unrest" has spread to the Europe's the Eastern part of Europe.

How long before the streets of Paris, Malmo, Brussels, and London are lit up with this unrest?

How long until we call this "unrest" what it truly is?


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