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What do you think of the above heading? Do you think that 99% of Leftists would scream "racist" at it? I do. But the heading is in fact a fair summary of what was found in a perfectly respectable piece of academic research. It appeared in fact in a very prestigious psychology journal. And as a much published psychologist myself, I can get away with discussing it. See here, for instance.

I would however be looked at with great disapproval for mentioning the the findings to the "cattle" -- which is how most Leftist psychologists would in their own minds see the readers of this blog. And almost all academic psychologists are Leftist to some degree. I reproduce below the actual journal abstract:
Interracial Roommate Relationships: An Experimental Field Test of the Contact Hypothesis

By Natalie J. Shook and Russell H. Fazio

This study investigated how automatically activated racial attitudes are affected by relatively long-term interracial relationships. A natural field experiment was conducted in a college dormitory system. Participants were White freshmen who had been randomly assigned to either a White or an African American roommate. Students participated in two sessions during the first 2 and last 2 weeks of their first quarter on campus. During these sessions, they answered questions about their satisfaction and involvement with their roommates and completed an inventory of intergroup anxiety and an implicit measure of racial attitudes. Participants in interracial rooms reported less satisfaction and less involvement with their roommates than did participants in same-race rooms. However, automatically activated racial attitudes and intergroup anxiety improved over time among students in interracial rooms, but not among students in same-race rooms. Thus, the results suggest that interracial roommate relationships, although generally less satisfying and involving than same-race roommate relationships, do produce benefits.

Psychological Science, Volume 19 Issue 7, Pages 717 - 723, 2008

So you see that the privileged people can talk freely about some things that the general public may not.

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