Sunday, September 14, 2008


Apparently one is sitting on the bench of the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia. And this September 14, 2008 article in the local section of the Washington Post shows a slant toward Islamophilia when reporting on prosecutor U.S. attorney Gordon Kromberg:
Relentless Terrorism Prosecutor Faces Accusations of His Own

Sami al-Arian, one of the nation's most prominent terrorism defendants, was about to be released into his daughter's custody to await a new trial on contempt charges. Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg protested, saying that "in this particular culture," a woman could not prevent her father from fleeing.

U.S. District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema lashed out at the prosecutor, calling his remark about the Muslim family insulting.
Earlier, she had chastised Kromberg for changing a boilerplate immunity order beyond the language spelled out by Congress and questioned whether Arian's constitutional rights had been violated.

"I'm not in any respect attributing evil motives or anything clandestine to you, but I think it's real scary and not wise for a prosecutor to provide an order to the Court that does not track the explicit language of the statutes, especially this particular statute," Brinkema said at the hearing in the Alexandria courtroom.


Defenders of the fast-talking New York native say he has a tough-but-fair style that keeps Americans safe...


"Gordon is very effective and professional," said Andrew McCarthy, a former federal terrorism prosecutor. "As long as nothing goes boom, they want to say you're an Islamophobe. The moment something does go boom, if the next 9/11 happens, God help anyone who says they weren't as aggressive as Gordon."...
Andrew McCarthy understands what's at stake. But with judges such as Brinkema sitting on the bench, all of us are less safe and more of these jihadists will continue to escape our legal system.

And check out this portion of the WaPo article:
...Kromberg's highest-profile case since joining the office's new terrorism unit after Sept. 11 was what prosecutors called the "Virginia jihad network," 11 Muslim men convicted on such charges as preparing for holy war by, among other things, playing paintball. Justice officials hailed it as a classic post-Sept. 11 case of prevention, but civil libertarians and some Muslims said it targeted Muslim men.
Fact check! They were Moslem men waging jihad! Their motivation came from the Koran.
But the Arian case escalated the tension. Arian pleaded guilty to one count of supporting Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Tampa in 2006 after a federal jury acquitted him or deadlocked on other counts. The judge who sentenced Arian to 57 months in prison called Arian a "master manipulator" who had been a "leader" of the terrorist group.

Kromberg sought Arian's testimony in the Islamic charities probe and refused to delay his appearance until after the Muslim holiday of Ramadan because, he said, that would aid the "Islamization" of the courts, according to an affidavit filed by one of Arian's attorneys, Jack Fernandez.

"They can kill each other during Ramadan, they can appear before the grand jury. All they can't do is eat before sunset," Kromberg said ...
Prosecutor Kromberg is stating a fact. And saying so gets him branded as an Islamophobe.

Leftist judges don't want to know the facts about Islam and don't want those facts brought out in court, either. No wonder so many of the "terror trials" end in acquittals and mistrials!

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